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Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range

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This range is outstanding.


This product is outstanding. The double burner, front right, is fabulous for every use, and the warmer is wonderful for big holiday cookiing.  The oven cooks perfectly and heats to the exact temperature.  In addition, the oven is larger and holds more for feasts.  The timing feature is a tremendous addition.  The black exterior makes it harder to keep clean, but it looks fabulous in the kitchen.I would recommend this product to anyone.

Montpelier, VA


This range makes cooking and baking so much easier!!!!


I absolutely love my Kenmore 30-inch Self-Clean Freestanding Electric Range.  There are 5 burners. The right front burner is a dual burner which will heat up and boil water incredibly fast.  Or, if you prefer,  the dual burner can be used as a larger single burner or a small single burner.  Very versatile.  The center-back 5th burner can be used to keep gravy or sauce at a low simmer or warmer temperature.  The glass top is very easy to keep clean.  I clean after every use and it looks as good today as when I first got it.  When the cook top has cooled off, you wipe the surface with a damp paper towel to remove any food spills or splatters, then use a glass top cleaner formulated especially for  glass top ranges and wipe off.  The cleaner leaves a protective barrier on the cook top surface that makes future spills and splatters easier to clean off.  The oven racks can be placed at 6 different levels  to accommodate broiling and baking.  The oven is a self cleaning oven and gets the job done efficiently; however I clean my oven racks by hand because they look terrible if you let them go through the self clean cycle--I ruined the racks on another range I had.  The drawer beneath the oven is a warmer drawer which is fantastic to have around the holidays and family dinners and parties.  I would recommend this Kenmore Self-Clean Electric Range to anyone who likes to cook but hates to clean burners. 

small town, OH


The right options at the right price--an excellent range!


We purchased the Kenmore 30-inch range in black finish in 2009 as part of our kitchen remodel and have loved it ever since! I was worried about going from a gas cooktop to an electric range, but I love the cleanability of the glass top! I do miss how quickly a gas range will boil water, but if I had to go electric, this range was definitely the way to go. First on my list of pros is the glass top, which can be wiped down easily with a wet paper towel or with cleaning solution for tougher messes. It doesn't look the way it did when I first bought it, but it still looks very nice. I use the dual burner frequently and like that it has a special burner in the middle back just for keeping foods warm. The oven is very accurate, though it preheats VERY slowly. I like that it has a timer, but it only beeps three times and then waits until the next minute to beep again--not hearing the first beeps can make a big difference in a batch of cookies! The controls can be a bit confusing; even after reading the manual, I can't seem to grasp what the "cook time" button is for. There aren't a bunch of other useless buttons, though, which I appreciate.  Cons include slow oven preheat time, the burners staying hot for a long time after use, and a poorly designed timer.

Florissant, MO


Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range

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