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Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range

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Glad it came with the house.


I bought the house in February the house came with most the appliances. I like this stove it is very consistent with temperatures. Pros: Heats up quickly preheating up to 450 (as high as I've ever needed it) takes about 4-5 minutes if that. The top range also heats up quickly and is consistent and even. The double burner heats up quicker than the rest but when only one is on it is the smaller portion. Has a self cleaning feature for the oven I haven't used it yet. Cons: Range is harder to clean it is glass so you can't use sponges or such stuff burns a bit easier onto the glass. The glass on the inside if the oven is also a little hard to keep clean. Overall I love my oven and if I had a choice in purchase instead of it coming with the house I would choose this oven.


conway sc


Love This Kenmore Range


My husband and I purchased this range when we purchased our first home about 5 years ago. This was one of our first appliances that we have ever purchased - and it was one of the best decisions. I absolutely loved this little range. We have since sold the home and moved, sadly leaving the range behind, but this thing was great. It has 4 burners plus a bonus "warming" burner which I especially liked. It also has a very large window in the front - which is nice if you like to keep a constant eye on whatever you are baking like I do. It has a self cleaning option, which is simple and very convenient. There isn't much I can say about this that I didn't like. It is sleek, looks great and very simple to use. The only complaint is the glass top is a bit annoying to clean, but that comes with any glass top stove, not specific to this range. I now have a gas cooktop and I much prefer the mess of a glass cooktop over a gas one any day. Ease of Cleaning The self cleaning option makes it very easy to push a button and walk away.




Glass Is Very Hard To Clean, but It Cooks Well


First, the design of this stove is very nice. The handles are sturdy, the digital buttons are intuitive, and it is an attractive stove all around. The burners cook very well, especially the turbo-boil. That is probably my favorite feature, and after having had it I would not ever get an electric range without it. We make a lot of tea and boil a lot of pasta, and it boils fast. The extra "warmer" burner is pretty useless. Occasionally I will put a ceramic dish on there and warm it for pancakes as they come off the pan, but that's it. The only negative to this stove is that if you want the glass to look spotless all the time you will drive yourself insane, unless there is a miracle product I don't know about. Any oil or mess that gets on the glass dries into this hard-as-nails bumpy mess, sometimes almost looking like it's below the surface, which you cannot even scratch off with your nails. So even if you wipe and clean it builds up and looks like scratches around the burners. So for being "clean" (of crumbs and general mess) the glass surface is a dream, but for being spotless and picture-perfect it is a nightmare. Also, the manufacturer warns that you cannot get sugar on the ceramic surface or it can "pit". Despite my best efforts to be as careful as possible, I just noticed a pit on the turbo-boil burner, which is a big bummer. So if you are a messy cook or do a lot with sugar on the stove, avoid this stove or be extremely careful.




Kenmore Electric Range Does Its Job - and Well


I've cooked on this range for some years...more than enough time to get to know it very well. The glass oven door is perfect for keeping track of goodies cooking inside. The oven is easy to clean, and holds a surprising amount of stuff. It's also easy to rearrange cooking racks to your needs. I'm not as thrilled about the burner part of this stove. You can get by just fine with one larger pot, but don't try to fit too many larger pots on the same surface -- they'll jostle for space, and keep food from heating evenly. It's also easy to get complacent -- the burners can take longer to heat up, so you assume they're not as hot for as long as they really are -- it's easy enough to burn rice dishes and soups because you haven't turned the burners down in time -- or just plain off. I've also had to replace more burners than seems normal -- they burn out within a few years. (The burners can be a little hard to clean, as well.) Having said that, this stove has done a good general job of keeping our food cooked and hot. Just don't expect miracles from it.


Castle Rock, CO


I Like The Kenmore stainless steel Electric range


I Love my awsome stove. It has 4 heating eye's and an extra eye that is a warmer, which really comes in handy for the Holiday's ! I also really appreciate the self cleaning oven. The design is nice but the only con I have is the handle for the bottom drawer is flimsy. I would rather have a handle that is sturdy ! I really like the stainless steal look to.The eye's have small circles that heat up or large circles that heat up, just acording to what size you need. It also has a well lite inside light that I like and 2 rack's in the oven area. The buttons are digital which is nice and when the oven pre heat's it makes a beeping sound to alert you it' s ready ! It also has a clock. It is energy sufficient which is what I was searching for in an oven. Hopefuly it will reduce our electric bill alot. I Love the black and stainless look and the smooth look to the top of the stove. I would definatley recommend this to anybody looking to up date thier kitchen.


Brookwood, AL


This Kenmore is Hard to clean, but boy does it work!


This Range is amazing. It evenly heats and i have yet to burn anything due to the stove's fault. The timer is great, and once you get the hang of the controls, baking is an ease. The bottom pull out drawer is sturdy, keeping my cast iron in place but out of sight. The cooktop is difficult to clean, but with the branded cooktop cleaner kit, makes it much easier to do. If you get this model, you won't be dissapointed with the quality and durability. There's plenty of room in the oven to do the basic baking tasks as well as a high powered broiler option for my texas toast. I get "oohs" and "aahs" when i show it off because the stainless steel is so craftfully done that it just makes the kitchen "pop". Along with the matching fridge and dishwasher (both are reviewed) they definately add that aestetic quality that alot of appliances lack nowadays. This is definately worth the time at looking at and taking for a test drive.


Mobile, AL


Kenmore range 94373 works great


I needed to get a new gas range stove and oven so I went looking around at appliance and home inprovement stores. I found the Kenmore's range 94373 at Lowe's. It was pretty much what Iwas looking for,t it was black and stainless steel, nice and sleek , i loved the look of it. It matched my other appliances and the price wasn't outrages either. Perfect for my kitchen!   I love that the oven is digital so you can get a more acurate temp. setting and the oven will beep to let you know when its at the temp. you set it to. I love the timer on the oven is real convenient and my family loves that it saves my food from me burning it, I forget about thing real easy. The stove top is pretty easy to clean, I put my burners in the dishwasher and Mr.Cleans magic eraser works well for cleaning the stove top. The oven on the Kenmore range is farely specious for big diners, like thanksgiving and X-Mas and its cleans up pretty easy too!


Hesperia, CA


i love my kenmore over big time


when my old oven kinda spaarked one too many times and my lanlord brought over this kenmore oven and i totally love it ! a clock that i never have to keep setting and it seems the temperatures are pretty close .Because i buy alot of pizzas and it tends to burn for some reason or another and i hae to watch all the time ..Now i ket walking over now I can relax when I put a pizza in for now on for 30minutes and know that it will not be burnt at all !!


Homestead, PA


Kenmore Range love it


I got the Kenmore Range. Before I had a double oven and a range which you can take out the different burners and put in new burners.  Did not like that wanted a Range with the burners on the top of the oven.  I received this Kenmore Range and it goes so nice with my new kitchen.  I love it.  The only thing that I find is a problem is that it sometimes it hard to clean until I went to the store to get top cleaner and now it is always stay clean.  The burners heat up fast and it lets me know when the burners are still hot after  I am done cooking.  The light stays on and then when the burners cool down then the light goes off.  The oven  heats up fast it lets me know when the oven it hot by making a beeping sound so I know when I can put my meal in.  The oven is very easy to clean and take care of.  I would recommend this Kenmore Range for anyone who loves to cook and wants a very stylish kitchen 


Bath, PA


I Love It


Absolutely love my new Kenmore electric stove...couldn't be happier!  Oven pre-heats exceptionally well, cakes bake even.  Cooktop very easy to clean.  Love the idea that the burner lights at the top stay lit till they cool down...definate plus!  Everything is now Kenmore in my kitchen because I have nothing but the best of luck with Kenmore appliances.  I also highly recommend that you buy the stove cleaner because you don't get a whole heck of a lot in the sample.  Just remember to only use the stove windex or chemicals of such nature as it will damage your cooktop.


Rochester, NY


Kenmore Freestanding Electric Range

4.5 11