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Kenmore Extra Large Capacity Portable Electric Dryer

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Kenmore Extra Large Capacity Portable Dryer 8472


I am reviewing the Kenmore Extra Larger Capacity Portable Electric Dryer #8472. This extra large capacity portable dryer works great. We've had ours a little over a year and we have never had any problems with it. You can dry extra small loads, small, medium, large, and extra large loads with this dryer. I feel like when we first got it, it dried our laundry a little faster than it does now; however I do make a little larger loads now that I know how well it works. It does do an excellent job. An extra large load can take up to an hour to dry where as a medium load will only take a half hour to dry. We live on a farm and have 3 dogs and 2 cats and our laundry is always perfectly clean and smelling fresh. Also the dryer helps trap dog and cat hair in the lint guard. I give my dryer 2 thumbs up. Also it's very easy to move around. I was pregnant when I got mine so I couldn't lift anything heavy but I could move this around no problem. Load Capacity Can dry any size load you need it to. Performance Works great. Medium load drys within a half hour where as an extra large load can take up to an hour. Ease of Use Very easy; even for beginners. Durability Works great even with very large loads. Design Pretty basic design.




Kenmore model # 84722 Electric Portable Dryer, Works great!


Kenmore model # 84722 Electric Portable Dryer 120 volt compact electric dryer The Kenmore Electric Portable Dryer is very compact. The dryer plugs into a normal wall plug. It has a Timed Dry fifth teen minutes to one hundred and five minutes, air dry of ten minutes and an auto dry; which has a more dry, normal dry, less dry. The dryness is determined by the thermostat that reacts to the amount of moisture in the air exhausted from the dryer. There is also a ten minute cool down. The lint screen is easy to clean. The dryer takes double the time a full size dryer would take. You can only dry about half the load that comes out of the Kenmore Compact Washer at a time. It does do a good drying job and the clothes if you do not crowd them in will come out with very little wrinkles if any. Sheets I dry only one at a time. I find it is actually faster that way. I recommend this compact dryer to anyone that does not have the space for a full size dryer or the special hookup needed for full size dryers.




Great Dryer!


I purchased my Kenmore 70 series dryer 11 years ago along with my Kenmore 80 series washing machine. This dryer has many settings so you can use it to dry your delicates or even your heavy towels or blankets. I use this dryer often and it works just as good today as it did the day i bought it. The timer is quite loud, but you have the choice of having it on or off. There is an air dry feature if you like to fluff certain garments that do not necessarily need to be exposed to dryer heat, but I tend to use the permanent press setting the most and it dries all my clothes thoroughly every time, even the large loads. I read in one of the other reviews that Kenmore washer and dryers are built for life and this is so true! They are very durable machines for the price.


Millington, TN


Kenmore Series 80 Lg Capacity Dryer is a dependable workhorse


I have nothing but positive things to say about my Series 80 electric dryer. It gets a LOT of use and so far hasn't failed to dry anything we've stuffed into it. Even heavy quilts, sleeping bags and pillows come out soft, unwrinkled and dry. The built-in sensor is very good at judging when they load has dried to the setting you've chosen. I really like the buzzer, because it's in the basement and this way I can get to the clothes before they wrinkle. But on the rare occasions when I do miss the end of the cycle, just a few minutes on "fluff" and the clothes come out wrinkle-free. It has an air dry setting that is great for drying very delicate items and its cotton setting really works for bedding and towels. The lint filter is very easy to clean, although I recommend that you get one of those long, bristle brushes to reach down into the slot where the filter goes every once in a while, to make sure that you keep it lint-free. Although we were worried about the cost when we replaced our gas dryer with this electric one, we really haven't noticed that much of a rise in our electric bill. This is probably because this electric dryer takes less time to dry than the gas dryer did. We're very satisfied with this Kenmore dryer and recommend it to anyone who wants a large capacity dryer at a reasonable price.


Bangor, ME


A small dryer with no settings, but a good one


I am happy to have a dryer for my apartment, and this Kenmore portable stacked dryer fills the bill.  It is a good solid electric dryer.  There are some things I don't like, so let me address those.  Most importantly, it is very small capacity.  I can only dry about a half a load each time, so that really increases my drying time.  There are none of those 'extra' settings that a full sized dryer has, such as low, medium and high heat.  It does have air dry, but that is fairly useless for me.  I also had to go to the hardware store for a water vent, since there is no vent as I live in an apartment, but that is not a fault of the dryer itself.  It is just a fact.  Any clothing that is delicate, I have to dry for just a few minutes and then hang for the rest of the drying time just to keep them from getting ruined.  There are not many choices for apartment dwellers as far as clothes dryers, so I would recommend this one just for the convenience of not having to go to the laundromat.


Albuquerque, NM


Kenmore Extra Large Capacity Portable Electric Dryer

4.2 5