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Top Load Washers
Kenmore Elite Top Load Washer

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Kenmore is a reliable washing machine, but we've had issues.


We got this washing machine as a wedding gift. What a great gift! We have definitely got a lot of use out of it and have rarely had any problems. We have two adults and two small children that we're washing for in our house...which means lots of baby clothes with lots of heavy stains! With the aid of some stain remover, we've had almost all major stains taken care of. We have had a few issues, though. One of our issues is not necessarily a washer issue, but has to do with our water. We have some lime scale in our water, so we've had problems with the water output area getting clogged up. Another issue we've had is with putting bleach in the laundry. Usually what happens is I have a full load of white clothes, put some bleach in the little area at the top, and things are fine. But if I have a full load the next time, I've found small bleach spots the size of the holes on the inside of the washer on some of our clothes. I must say, this could be because I load the washer pretty full. But...I don't think it should be doing that. My last issue...if I have the washer weighted unevenly, it makes a loud banging noise and I have to stop it, shift things around, and try again. I've even had the washer leak water if it was too uneven. I wash a lot of clothes, though, and overall, I would give this washer a very positive score!

Eastman, GA


Kenmore Elite Top Load Washer

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