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Kenmore Elite Steam Gas Dryer HE5 97729

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Kenmore's dryer is the best


I got this dryer along with the washer, and I can say I am very happy with my purchase. It is a quiet dryer which is very important in my home! I also like the sensor it has on it, no need to run back and forth to see if all is dry.


Oakland, CA


Great Kenmore HE Dryer


We bought this Kenmore HE Front-Loading Dryer as a matching piece when we purchased our Kenmore Front-Load Washing Machine /w Steam . They are both energy efficient Energy Star appliances. The dryer is large capacity, stacks on top of the washer, and has easy to use controls. The lint filter is easy to access and easy to clean. There are numerous drying cycles to choose from and there is a wrinkle control option to keep tumbling the clothes once they are dry so they don't wrinkle and I don't have to iron! The  steam feature on the dryer is very useful. You can put clothes in on the refresh cycle and it will tumble them on a medium heat setting with steam for twenty minutes. This easily takes the wrinkles out and refreshes clothes so they come out looking great. Both the washer and dryer were more expensive than I had planned on paying, but I'm glad the purchased them because of the great features. I have had this dryer for about a year and have had no problems with it.


Parkton, MD


The Kenmore Elite is the best dryer ever


 Well, here is the deal. My self and my wife are very busy. We don't irion.. When we decided to purchase the new Kenmore Elite H5 Washer and Dryer set, we saw the functionality of the Steam Dry option as a way to refreshen and rejuvinate those dress shirts that we didnt have time to irion the night before.. This is the greatest investment we both could have made.. I makes the fabric look like you spent time with an irion in your hand..


Hickory, KY


Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam Dryer .. best purchase EVER!!


I have never been happier with a dryer in my life.. this baby has it all!!  The Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam dryer has auto cycles with include..  normal, bulky/bedding, jeans, heavy duty, casual, and ultra delicate.  You then have your steam cycles, which are great... steam in a dryer.. fabulous!!  The refresh cycle and the touch-up cycles both use steam along with the heat of your dryer to smooth out wrinkles or freshen up clothes.  And there is no filling water tanks in the Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam dryer for it's steam sir.. all you have to do is attach it directly to your water line in your laundry area with the enclosed adapter which will allow you to have both the washer and dryer attached at the same time.  Have kids?  If so, I'm sure you've washed their shoes only to have them clunck around in the dryer or sit out somewhere waiting for them to dry well if you have the Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam dryer, no more clunking for you!!  A rack is included with your dryer for clothes or anything that need to be on a flat surface without the tumble of the dryer. I've had the Kenmore Elite Steam washer and dryer pair for about four months now and I can without a doubt say it is the best thing I ever bought, you won't be disappointed.


Chapel Hill, TN


Kenmore Elite HE5 - A Workhorse!


I bought both the Elite HE5 large capacity washer and dryer along with the pedestals, and they are in use almost every day of the week!  There is no bending,so it's easy to load and unload, and there is a light inside the dryer. I do laundry for my family and for my mother and mother-in-law, and this pair makes my job so much easier.  The large capacity drums hold very large loads and use very little water and detergent.  The wash and dry setting choices are enough for every requirement.  I can wash/dry comforters with no problem.  They hold 8-10 pair of jeans at a time!  I even save on dry cleaning costs by using the refresh cycle on the dryer.  I use this cycle when taking out my off season clothes from storage to air them out.  I fluff up my blankets when changing the linens on my beds.  I can also dry sweaters flat on the special rack that can be inserted into the dryer (non-spin cycle) on low heat.  If I forget to remove the dried clothes, I can use the cycle that removes wrinkles in no time.   I have not been disappointed with this purchase one bit! 


Warwick, RI


very impressive


I purchased my Kenmore Elite Steam HE5 dryer 3 years ago.  I purchased it together with the steam washer.  I have been very impressed so far.  The dryer has a lot of features that I love.  Being a busy working mom, I especially love the wrinkle release cycle.  This is a cycle that does a great job of getting out my wrinkles on my clothes - even if they have been there a few days!  I also love the "refresh" cycle.  This is a cycle that actually refreshes clothing.  It can take out the stale smell that a restaurant or bar can leave on your clothes, and does it in only 15 minutes!  There is also a "bedding" cycle that is great for comforters and such.  The interior of this is huge and able to easily hold my biggest comforters without getting them all wrinkled.  I would advise anyone who buys it to also buy the stand to go with it.  This will keep you from having to bend over to get your clothes out. The only drawback is that it usually takes a long time to dry a load of towels.  Overall, this is a very great investment.


Smithville, TN


I Love our Kenmore Elite Steam Dryer!!


We have owned our Kenmore elite dryer for about 1 1/2 years and absolutely love it! The freshen mode is perfect when you don't have time to iron and need fresh looking clothes, quickly. While the dryer and washer were pricey, I believe in the long run they will be well worth every cent!


Toccoa, GA


It's drying with more options and space.


We bought the Kenmore he5 dryer with a companion Kenmore front-loading washer two and a half years ago and I enjoy them both.  Regarding the dryer, there are many options and temperatures to choose from.  To save even more energy, you can opt to set the alarm to beep when the clothes are considered "damp" via internal sensors.  I've used this in the summer or when drying sensitive materials that I don't want "completely dry".  This dryer also has the added benefit of drying fabrics that aren't supposed to go in the dryer.  It comes with a drying rack that you can set up inside the barrel (locks into place) and then set a very minimum temperature to circulate inside the dryer as it drys the item you have layed out on the drying rack.  While this is a nice feature, you can't put much on the tray; one sweater or a few smaller items at best.  I've never used the feature.  You have to buy the under-storage drawer separate from the dryer.  If you are stacking them, this isn't an issue but if it is side by side a washer, they're very low to the ground. 


Waukesha, WI


The best dryer I have ever used


The Kenmore Elite Steam Dryer is big enough to fit a king size comforter,with enough space to put something else in it, but perfect enough to fit in a apartment.  Also, does not consume a lot of energy and it is silent.  Worth every penny.




Kenmore continues to make me buy


The Kenmore elite steam HE5 is yet another Kenmore i love. I will continue to purchase these dryers. I have been washing clothes in mine for the last thirty days. I absolutely love it. Kenmor makes the best dryers. My clothes come out fresh from the steam everytime i put a load in. I never have to worry about my clothes becoming wrinkled when they are done. I aslo save money i my electricity bill every month because of the dryer. My family comes to my house and asks to use it sometimes. They always end up saying they want to take it home!


Ottawa, IL


Kenmore Elite Steam Gas Dryer HE5 97729

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