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Kenmore Elite Slide-In Electric Range 790

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Kenmore Elite range is beautiful, but be careful of door!


We inherited this Kenmore Elite range when we purchased our house about two and a half years ago. It looks great, it is very beautiful, I love the smooth look of the top, it looks like a built in range top. A few months ago, we began to have some issues with the doors. I think the brackets may have become bent a little, but I have been unable to find any recall information from the manufacturer, which is what has happened with any other ranges with this issue. The light inside the oven flickers on and off at all times, whether the oven is on or off. I have placed sticky bumpers inside the edge of the oven door to cause the light sensor to be pressed more and therefore turn off the light inside the oven. The door is also quite hard to clean, it seems to have gunk between the two glass panels, not either on the face of the oven or the inside. Finally, the warmer drawer has never worked for us, I do not know if it ever worked. I am very disappointed by this, as I could use the warming drawer!

Attleboro, MA


Love it! love the convection!


Love my Kenmore. I have always wanted a convection, and finally talked my husband into letting me have one. I love it! Especially when cooking pizza for my kids - the cook so much fast for those hungry waiting mouths. It cooks my cakes evenly as well. I use it often for biscuits in the morning when I am running behind. It works great not using convection as well. I played with the rack placement a bit but that is to be expected on any new oven. Love the drawer at the bottom for storage. I would recommend this oven to anyone. It was also at a very reasonable price which was a must when getting a new oven in my house.

Fulton, AL


Very child friendly!


My favorite feature about this oven is that you can lock it when children are near. This comes in very handy with my tooddler. The only issue that we've had so far, is one day it randomly locked and would not unlock or do anything, but after holding the clear button it was fine. Everything is cooked perfectly, and it's easy to clean.

Villa Rica, GA


We love our Kenmore Elite 790.41023800 Electric Range


We purchased our Kenmore Elite Electric Range in time to make Christmas cookies and a family holiday dinner.  We continue to be delightfully surprised by the speed in which the stove top elements cook, simmer, and fry foods.  We were able to bake over 350 cookies one afternoon using the convection oven, utilizing three oven racks at a time!  I especially love having a light in the oven to watch cookies baking, or broiling cheese bread perfectly. To prevent children from accidentally touching the control pad panel and turning on a burner, you can activate the "lock-out" feature.  Although I haven't had the time to use this feature yet, this oven has the ability to plug-in an oven probe to bake a roast to perfection.  It also has the option to convert a recipe's regularly cooking time to convection cooking which speeds the time up while cooking evenly.  Since everything is operated by a "touch" front panel, there are no knobs, buttons, or dials to scrub or clean!  And the oven cleans itself.  So far, I have just about everything I have ever wanted in an electric stove.  Thank you, Sears!

Everett, WA


Kenmore Elite Slide-In Electric Range 790

4.5 4