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Top Load Washers
Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Load Washer

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Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Load Washer works like a dream!


The Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Load Washer works like a dream!  My husband and I choose this washing machine because of its large capacity.  I wanted a washing machine that could handle a queen size comforter without any problems, and the Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Load Washer was the perfect match for us!  I know the front loaders are in style, but we felt that out of all the Kenmore brands, the top load washer was the one with the largest capactiy.  It had all the features we were looking for and then some!  Electronic controls, the ability to set the washer to go off at a later time, water saving features and you could choose from several colors.  (I still choose white, I could not decide on a different color!)  We also picked the glass top Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Load Washer.  The first day we ran it, we all gathered around to watch it - lame I know, but it was fun to see how it worked without the aggatator.  It has been a great machine and well worth the price! 

Wise, VA


Don't buy


My husband and I purchased this product after moving into a brand new home. We were drawn to the color and nice look of the washer and thought that the company represented a good product. However, after just six months of use we noticed that it wasn't working properly. Of course the warranty was expired and we were out of luck. It started making beeping noises and would not finish a cycle. What we ended up with was stinky clothes. I would have to be around it when it stopped working in order to push the buttons to get it to start working again. The computer on this model is horrible and does not last at all. I would never recommend this washer to anyone I know, I make sure to tell family and friends to stay away from it. After about two months of putting up with it's many faults we decided to get rid of it and threw it on the curb. We purchased another washer for half the price and it's worked amazingly for years.

Monaca, PA


Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Load Washer

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