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Kenmore Elite Oasis ST Electric Dryer

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Good Capacity Dryer


I've found Kenmore to be a reliable brand. This dryer holds a fair amount of clothes, including larger comforters or bedding. It's easy to load, & has a variety of temperatures, so works well for more items needing more delicate care. I've been impressed with its ability to dry even large loads of wash in well under an hour. I've also found it to be quieter than other dryers I've had.


Berkeley, CA


What the Hell is that Noise


I would totally not recommend. I bought this not more than a year ago and its been giving me problems almost from the gecko.  I have warranty and stuff but if your like me you hate the hassle of getting into that.  So which problems should I start off with.  Well first, you cant put too many clothes in at a time, in fact you should only put alittle, real little.  For some reason if you put even alittle the machine makes this big hitting type noise that sounds like the clothes and the machine got into a fight.  Secondly, its like you have to put the clothes in for 2 cycles for it to actually dry anything.  If you only go through one cycle your clothes will be left wet and then it'll stink like mildew.  So this goes to problem number three, if you do more than two cycles in almost back to back the dryer gets too hot and so Im scared to do the third because Im afraid something might catch on fire.  This machine sucks and Im in the market for a new one, again.


Fairfield, CA


Kenmore dryer keeps up with the washer.


The Kenmore Oasis dryer is a great product that gets the job done fast. The only problem I have experienced is with jeans which sometimes aren't 100% dry, but are still adequate to wear. The drying cycle often beats the washer which was never the case with our previous dryer. A normal drying cycle starts off at 40 minutes which is the same as the standard washing cycle time, but the sensers adjust the time as it goes and makes sure your clothes are dry by adding time or more often it just finishes early. It has a feature to prevent wrinkles if you won't be around when it finishes to rotate every once in a while (every 90 minutes I think). It also has steam feature which only takes 15 minutes and has eliminated a lot of ironing. It definitely doesn't eliminate ironing completely, but it does help. With the lint tray inside the dryer it is much easier to remember to remove every time. I also have found, although this is silly, if you leave change in your pockets it always manages to land on the lint tray so it is right there when you get the laundry out.


San Antonio, TX


Kenmore Elite Oasis ST Electric Dryer

3.7 3