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Kenmore Elite Oasis ST 6807 Electric Dryer

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Get's the job done!


My family and I just recently moved to our new house. We decided to invest in both a drying and a washing machine and purchased Kenmore Elite machine set. This drying machine that we bought definitely gets the job done, with ease. There's not too many settings to set prior to pressing the drying button so a person not too savy with machines would not have too much difficulty using this machine. The capacity this dryer can load is sufficient and for the past few months that I've used this dryer I have yet to come across any issues with it. Load Capacity The load capacity is great. With that said, I still would like for it to be bigger. However no loading capacity would truly ever suffice with me and my family :)... Performance This dryer drys the whole load sufficiently, no question about it. Ease of Use Very few tweaks and settings need to be set prior to drying. Durability I have yet to come across any issues with my dryer. So far so good. Design I have nothing to complain about with the design. It's just a drying machine after all.


San Diego, CA


Has been a reliable dryer for our family


This dryer does large loads, it is HE, and has been reliable for our family. I do 4 or 5 loads of laundry a week for our family of four (two small children) and it keeps up nicely. In fact my mom periodically brings over her king size comforter and uses my machines. The downfalls of this machine are that it seems to take a really long time to dry clothes sometimes (usually larger loads) and every once in a while I go to check on my clothes and note that there are 99 minutes left on the dryer if it is on automatic dry. I generally choose timed dry so this does not happen. I like the steam functions and use them to steam pillows, my daughter beloved blanky, and stuffed animals. Load Capacity Can fit large loads including a kind size comforter. Performance Takes a long time to dry large loads. Ease of Use Very easy to use but there are still a large range of functions available. Durability So far this dryer has not given us any major problems. Design I wish it was designed to dry clothes faster.


Corvallis, OR


More than satisfied with our dryer!


Overall, we have been very happy with our dryer. It is durable and effective at getting our clothes dry. We have towels from Restoration Hardware that are thicker than your normal bath towel, but our dryer gets it dry with only five more minutes of time. Load Capacity Pretty large space inside. Performance Make sure your lint screen is clean and this baby runs smooth. Ease of Use Controls are very easy to figure out. Durability Nine years and ticking. Design Nice design for a dryer; we have it in grey.


Ladera Ranch, CA


Dries quickly and senses when to shut off if clothes are dry.


I keep finding settings on this that I didn't know were there! Yesterday I used the air dry setting to dry something that I thought would melt in any heat. It also has timed dry, all the way up to sanitize settings. I love that it chimes when the clothes are almost fully dry if you choose that option and will sense when the clothes are dry and turn off before the full cycle. Design I like the door opening to the side so I can just dump the clothes directly into a basket and it makes it easier to reach to the very back of the machine.


Blacksburg, VA


Kenmore Elite Oasis ST 6807 Electric Dryer

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