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Top Load Washers
Kenmore Elite Oasis HT Top Load Washer

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I'm past washing clothes for family. Just me now. Regretted losing old washer! I could control everything: amount of water; time to soak... Took me over a year to finally buy! Took clothes to my uncle to wash. First thing I experienced was how insufficient the amount of water was. How not clean my outdoor wear came out! I had to trick it into extending the soak time, by opening the lid. And now, after only 7 years, appears that the circuit board has gone wacko!! And I do not want to spend ONE $ to fix it. I hate it! One by one, I've lost use of cycles. They run for about 4-6 minutes and then the cycle ends with a "4" error message and the machine drains out all your soap, with the water. And doesn't even spin out the water. Just empties! I hat this washer. Will never buy Kenmore again! And they called this Elite! I've always had Kenmore--my whole adult life of over 55yrs!!


Fresno, CA


Kenmore Oasis HT washer--So Far-GREAT!


    I have had this Kenmore Oasis HT washer for a month now.  My husband and I are old school agitator washing machine people,, so we just had to watch, with a flashlight thru the glass top, how this new fangled appliance worked.  Was the worst thing we could have done---"well there isn't enough water" "how is it ever going to get the clothes clean without beating them with an agitator", "Oh no,, the clothes are all puffy, not uniformly distributed",  and on and on!!  Finally decided to let it do its job, and see what happened.   Wow were we surprised!  Did a great job, even with us not supervising!! Our advice would be, Let the Machine Do It's Job, don't try to figure it out!!! We have been very happy with it, did all my king comforters which was my main reason for getting this large capacity and it performed wonderfully. We feel like we have joined the "high tech" generation!!  


Edgar, NE


Fantastic Washing Machine!


I have had Kenmore products for years. They are very reliable. This model washing machine I just love.  It has all the bells and whistles and cleans the clothes. I love the capacity of this washer. It holds more than the front loaders.  I like the convience of a top-loader. I spins your clothes practically dry. This washer is like the Whirlpool Cabrio but a few more features.  The price was great! We went on a sale day. It is a very quiet machine even when it spins. It is very energy efficient.  You do not set the water level it detects how much is needed. An energy saver in its self. You control the spin and level of soil. I just love the way it cleans my clothes. I have the lid you can see through. You can watch it in action.  I love this model.  When my dryer goes I will probably get the Oasis too.   Kenmore has never done me wrong.


Jonestown, PA


Kenmore Elite Oasis HT Top Load Washer

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