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Kenmore Elite Oasis Canyon Capacity Dryer 67082 77082

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Keep it dry~


I am overall proud to have this product, however it does have it's flaws. The first being it can't handle drying too big a load as I wish it could. It is small so it doesn't take up too much space. So it can go about anywhere in your laundry room you want it to go. It has a nice white finish with a blackish door that opens to the inside. It has some really nice setting to it as well. a tumble dry, cool, hot and max hot. It doesn't take to long to dry the clothes versus the number of loads you have to put in. I would definitely say this dryer itself is perfect for couples and such due to it's captivity. When I put a comforter and a few clothing items in it did get the job done so don't fret. They coolest thing i think it does is let out a loud ding when your clothes are done. I've found using this set that the white finish it actually pretty resist to stains. It also has yet to rust so I've found much to depend on in this machine.




Kenmore Elite OK dryer


We just purchased this dryer about two months ago because our washer took a turn for the worse. I didn't want to replace our Maytag dryer because it worked fine, but my husband didn't want two unmatching units, so we bought this dryer. So far, it's an OK dryer. I like all of the options available on it. I just can't figure out what's so special about each option. I feel like maybe there are way to many buttons. My biggest complaint so far is that it takes forever to dry the clothes. The dryer will turn off when it thinks they are dry and they are still damp. So then I have to restart it and the same thing happens again. I finally just started using a time dry option which defeats the purpose of having all of the fancy options. The only way I can get things dry is to put a really long time on it and hope they get dry. I really liked that my old dryer dried things quickly and well. I think if I could just find the rigth setting ot adjust the sensor that turns the dryer off, it would be a great dryer.


Fort Wayne, IN


I wish I had not purchased this set


My main purpose of purchasing this set was the capacity of holding a lot.  I have king size bedding & wanted something to accomodate my blankets & comforters without having to go to a laundry for the large commercial size machines. For this, it is great.  I have had my Elite Oasis set for about 2 years & I am not happy with it at all.  The washer tangles everything up at the bottom where the agitator is.  If I wash a load of sheets alone or with some towels in it, I get an absolute mess of entanglement which at times also causes the spin cycle to get off balance, sometimes one sheet will form a mushroom shape over everything & this leads me to wonder how clean or how well rinsed are my clothes getting. Jeans & pants will wrap up with each other tie into shirts or whatever is in the mix.  I feel like I have to babysit the machine to be sure it is performing properly, unraveling things sometimes is very difficult.  The dryer seems to take an extra long time to dry even though it is supposed to be faster & more economical.  I also get the air flow signal a lot & I have made every precaution to be sure it is free of lint & that the vent hose is straight.  I would not purchase these machines knowing what I know now & this is a very expenisve set, not worth the money.


Etowah, NC


Wish I never bought this washer or dryer


**I wish I never bought this set. The washer twists everything so bad that you can't hang them outside unless you iron them. It has ruined many of my clothes.** **The dryer worked well at first. The longer we had it, the longer it took to dry clothes. I change the lint screen EVERY load! Last night it took over 3 hours to dry a medium load of towels. You can only wash half loads in the washer because the dryer takes so long to dry, even small loads. It is only 13 months old. Do NOT buy this washer or dryer!**


Waunakee, WI


Oasis electr. dryer. Too many expensive problems.


I bought a matching set about 4 years ago. Both washer and dryer at times will not turn on when the power button is pushed. The dryer is beeping incessantly throughout the cycle on the dryer. Lint trap is checked every time inside the dryer, exit piping cleaned out several times a year. Clothes ball up in the washer and get so badly tangled there is no way that they are washed clean. Top loader, meant for blankets, has no agitator just the bobble "thing" in the bottom. Repairs are horrendously expensive. Warranty is laughable short. Today I read page after page of peoples reviews about similar problems. I will never buy another washer/dryer from Kenmore again.


Kansas City, KS


This Kenmore Dryer is a delight to use


This Kenmore Elite Oasis Canyon Capacity Dryer is one of the best dryers that I have ever owned. This dryer has all the capabilties and functions of some of the more expensive dryers but this one is really affordable. I really liked the cost of this dryer as it was really affordable. Kenmore products can be trusted as over the years they have manufactured and sold many high quality products that do not break down after a few uses. I had previously owned a Dryer and I honestly felt that it was consuming too much electricity per load. This is not a good feature for a dryer to be using upo a lot of energy instead of trying to conserve it. I really love that this Kenmore Dryer can really take a lot of clothes. It has a very nice and large capacity that allows me to get all of my clothes into it so that I can do less loads than having to constantly be doing a load right after the other. This dryer is also really quiet which is a great thing. 


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Kenmore Oasis Canyon Capacity Dryer - Love It! Love it! LOVE IT


Fabulous dryer for a busy family.  Holds twice the amount of my old dryer. What used to be 5-6 loads a day is now 2-3.  Remember to buy the warrantee.  I haven't had to get it fixed but some of the parts cost as much or more than warrantee. Warrantee also includes a free tune up each year! 


Winchester, VA


This Kenmore Oasis Dryer has a huge capacity & dries efficiently


I  purchased this Kenmore Oasis HE dryer along with the washer approximately 6 months ago.  I love them.  The dryer has a huge capacity and dries very efficiently.  A huge load of heavy towels dries in under 25 mins.  A great savings of electricity.   My daughter bought the same set 2 weeks after I got mine.


Reston, VA


Can not possibly clean clothes with so little water


Love the capacity but the amount of water that goes in this washer can not possibly clean clothes. I have dogs and am always washing muddy towels. It does not get them clean. I have to add water to even cover the clothes in the washer. I wish I had not purchased it!!!


Belmont, NC


Great dryer, best I have ever owned.


I bought my Kenmore Oasis dryer about 6 months ago.  It is very good on big loads of jeans and towels.  Also good on getting out wrinkles and delicate items.  Overall I am very pleased with this item and would not hesitate to purchase another. 


Lee Summit, MO


Kenmore Elite Oasis Canyon Capacity Dryer 67082 77082

3.2 10