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Front Load Washers
Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer

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Kenmore Elite is a great washer!


We bought this washing machine after purchasing our first home.  I loved the ease of a front loading washer and the larger capacity.  I am able to wash HUGE loads without worrying about all the clothes getting clean or the machine doing that annoying thing where it stops spinning and you have to go in and redistribute the clothes evenly.  Overall this machine works great, although I do have a few cons. It is definately loud, and shakes a lot but I think that is pretty typical.  We have a baby and the little baby socks get stuck in the rubber part of the washer.  I didn't realize this until all my baby socks were missing and the washer smelled like mildew.  I found a huge pile of old socks in underneath the rubber door seal.  I think this is pretty typical for all front loads because I now check other peoples machines when we are staying at their house and their machine smells a little mildewy and sure enough there is always socks in there.  My solution was to buy a lingere bag and keep all the little socks in there.  I also once washed our king comforter in the machine and although it did fit in there, there were a couple small tears in it from the machine. I'm not sure if I would buy this machine again or maybe look around a little more but overall I have been happy with it.

Lynnwood, WA


Nice washer - but not all it's cracked up to be


Where do I start....I was oh so excited to get a front loading, energy efficient, large capacity washing machine, so when my husband said "Let's do it" we turned, naturally, to Kenmore. We have always loved Kenmore's quality and up to date selection. That still remains true. This is a beautiful washing machine, with so many bells and whistles it actually makes laundry fun! (at least while youre playing with the buttons :D) The quality so far has been exactly what we would expect from Kenmore. That being said, I have been disappointed by how a front loader actually works. It does not get my clothes any cleaner than a top loader, and then there is the smell issue.Mildew easily acculmulates, even with the door left jar, and frankly having to clean the washer every month is a bit of a pain for busy mums. It does do a huge amount of laundry (I have 8 kids) so I am very satisfied with that (and the matching dryer dries a load lickety split). Maybe when it comes to clean laundry I simply expected a miracle that this washer was unable to deliver.

Rocky Mount, VA


I am not in love with my Kenmore front load washer


I thought I would love having a front load washer!  I was wrong.  The clothes get all twisted around each other and tangled up during the wash cycles.  This makes it very difficult to remove the clothing from the washer to place in the dryer without half the clothes ending up on the floor. There are several areas (like the soap dispenser and where the front door seals) that get mildewy/moldy very easily.  I find I have to clean the washer frequently to remove this build up. Also, we recently had the filter clog.  Guess what, they don't tell you how to find this part or how to clean it in the owner's manual.  There was a baby sock stuck in the filter - don't ask me how that got there, but I am guessing that that would not happen with a top load washer!

Frisco, TX


My Kenmore Elite has become a member of my family!


I love my new Kenmore front loading washing machine. It cleans my clothes very well and I couldn't be happier with the job it does. It tosses and rolls the clothing instead of an agitator. You know the kind that the clothes would get all tied up around or under the machinery. These gently clean your clothing which in my opinion would improve the longevity of the clothing.

Concord, NH


We're very happy with our Kenmore Elite washer.


We've had the Kenmore Elite front loader washer/dryer combo now for almost a year and love it.  The only thing I'm not totally happy with is, you have to pour the detergent/fabric softener VERY slow or it makes a mess and the drain seems to get clogged fairly easy, I'm ALWAYS having to clean it out.  Otherwise, this has been an extremely awesome washer.  We wash alot of laundry with our family of pets (and 18 year old daughter).  It uses probably 1/2 the water and less detergent/fabric softener, so this is a money saver and I can probably get 3 times the amount of laundry in this washer than my prior washer.  I can get our king size comforter in this washer with no problem, LOVE THAT!!!  I would recommend this Kenmore Elite front loader washer to anyone that does alot of laundry like us.

Cedar Bluffs, NE


the kenmore elite washing machine lessens the amount of loads.


im and extremly busy mom of four kids under the age of four. i also work fulltime and am trying to go back to school, so i dont have a whole lot of time to be doing laundry. as a matter of fact I hate doing laundry. i hate it so much i just dont do it sometimes. i used to have a really small washing machine and i hated it. i would have to do three-four loads a day. Now i have the kenmore elite washing machine, and its just so amazing. instead of those three- four loads i now only have to do one. the kenmore elite wahsing machine is that big. i love it so much and i show it off to all everyone who comes over. not only is it huge but it has all kinds of settings for you daily needs of cleaning. it has a bulk bedding setting, a sanatiry setting for cleansing baby items and for hypo-allergenic, a kids setting for those hard to get out stains in kids clothes. a whitest whites setting to get your whites as white as they can be, a express setting for just a couple of items and it has a delictae setting. not to mention the basic settings. it is also a He washing machine which means it high efficincy and its ment to save you money not only on your water and electric bill but with your laundry soap as well. i would have to say i would definity recommend this washing machine to everyone i know.

North Port, FL


Kenmore Elite Front Load Washer

4.2 6