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Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator

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Good so far.


We purchased this fridge a year ago and while I was hesitant on Kenmore brand I heard that LG made the fridge. We were replacing an LG side by side which I just didn't like the design as I prefer the French door. So far so good, everything is working as expected and no major problems. Noise Level I would say this is alittle louder then our last side by side fridge but not by much at all. The ice machine does make alittle more noise when the ice drops of course but the rest is pretty quiet. I am happy with that fact. Interior Organization We love the interior! Like the way the ice maker is in the door part not taking up so much room on the upper shelf. A few of the shelves are easy to push back to make it easier getting things from way in the back on the top shelf. The deli drawer is large and easy to organize. It comes with 2 veggie/fruit drawers as well. The freezer has 3 rollout shelves. 1 deep one that is divided, 1 slightly deep and then a thing drawer for more flat things. Temperature Control We purchased a 5 year warranty with it and a tech comes out ever year to clean it and repair anything that is needed. We just had this done a week ago and he took internal temps. The internal temps were ~1 degree off of what the outside fridge said it should be. Not too bad I would say. Ease of Cleaning We have the Stainless Steel one and fingerprints are REALLY bad!! I think given the opportunity again I may have gone with white or black. I have yet to find a good product to clean the outside too! The inside thought is pretty easy. I like the spill proof shelves so it doesn't go all over if something spills over. I have yet to really clean the freezer. Durability Again we have only had it for a year but no problems as of yet. Design One thing I wish most to all fridge manufacturers would realize is there is a lock button on the water/ice in the door that locks everything. Why do they not make a lock that can lock all buttons Except the water and ice! A huge problem we have is my youngest doesn't know how to read yet, she is 4, and she will start pushing buttons and increase the temps in the fridge or freezer! Also when doing Ice the spout is not tilted correctly for say a water bottle and ice chunks tend to head to the floor. I think the spout thing needs to be tilted slightly. Then the other total bummer is the door is not real stainless. So if you like magnets on the front of your fridge, don't expect them to work on this one! the sides of the fridge work fine for magnets but not the front. Lastly the pullout freezer door either pulls out straight or it can fold down like on a hinge. This freaks most of our guests out as they think they break the door! Its a feature and I don't think its a problem yet I don't think its necessary either.



Spacious Refrigerator


I love this refrigerator. 31 cu. ft. of space. Slide out shelves, large full length meat drawer. The freezer has an upper drawer as well as a tilt-out drawer. Noise Level I don't recall hearing it so it must be pretty quiet. Interior Organization The ice machine takes up room in the refrigerator, not the freezer. It is a small bin but does well making ice. It is hidden behind a door in the refrigerator. Temperature Control I have never had a problem with a fluctuation in temperature. Ease of Cleaning The large meat drawer is big and a bit difficult to clean in a sink, as are the produce drawer and fruit drawer. Durability The dog scratched the exterior but I have had my refrigerator for 3 years and still love it. Design I love the design. It is so nice to be able to put a pizza box in the fridge without major rearranging. There is so much room and the freezer has a lot of room as well.

Lake In The Hills, IL


Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator

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