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Kenmore Elite Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range

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Nice electric double oven range


The kenmore elite electric double oven range is a really nice looking stove/ oven. I usually prefer gas stoves, but electric is nice too. It's much easier to clean and keeps the kitchen very sleek and clutter free. In my opinion, the best part about this range, and the reason why I purchased it is because of the double oven. Two ovens are better than one. I can cook two separate dishes at the same time in the same oven and that is worth a lot to me. The stove and oven work well in what they are supposed to do. They keep the correct temperate and distribute heat fairly evenly. I haven't done very precise tests, but just from my usual use my food comes out fine. I hope that this oven range is durable as it has been in the past but only time will tell. No problems so far. The design is great and I like the look of the electric top. Its design is also very functional as it makes it very easy to clean. I would recommend this range as it has served me well. Although I didn't want an electric range at first, I am happy with my purchase.


San Diego, CA


Classic & Convenient


I absolutely love my Kenmore Elite Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range. The only reason that I did not give it 10 stars as a rating was simply because I prefer gas stoves and was unable to find this same model in a gas option. I love the sleek design that combines the elegance of black with the modernity of stainless steel. It blends so well in my kitchen, which actually has a mix of all black and all stainless steel appliances. This stove so so functional. There are two large burners at the front and three smaller burners at the back. I never feel crowded when cooking, nor do I run out of room. This is especially helpful during holidays or when I host large groups in my home. One of my favorite features, among the many, is how easy it is to clean the stove top. There are no crevices for crumbs to fall into, making it a cinch to simply spray and wipe. The double oven is perfect for heating small items as well as cooking large amounts of food.




Pretty great Range


I have previously purchased and currently own this Kenmore Elite Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range and it is one of the if not the best stove I have ever owned. I can only begin to tell you how great this stove is. First of all the stove on all of the eyes cook food more evenly than any stove I have ever owned. Whether I am frying eggs, chicken or making pasta or whatever this stove has the perfect temperature. I have also found that this stove is very very easy to clean. I can cook on all four eyes at the same time and everything comes out perfect. Of course the best thing about this Kenmore Elite Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range is the double oven. Finally a stove where you can bake two things at once but since it is a separate oven the smells and taste do not mess each other up. Everything comes out smelling and tasting the way it is supposed to. I do have to say and the reason I gave it an eight is that the price is pretty steep. It is expensive. I would still recommend that anyone who can afford it invest in this Kenmore Elite Stove as you will love it.




Very happy with purchase.


We moved into a new home and wouldn't you know it? The old stove completely broke down just as we got settled. Off to the store we went, armed with as much internet research as we could handle. I had bought Kenmore's in the past, so I knew they were a brand I trusted and so far, we could not be happier with this double oven. It self-cleans both top and bottom, which if you've done the research, you know not all double ovens do that. It has a broiler. It looks sleek. There are multiple cook settings. It has a convection option. And you can cook two things at two different temperatures at one time. Seriously? What is not to love. This oven works great so far and we could not be more pleased.


Chicago, IL


great for tons of cooking


this range has tons of space and great for mukti dish meals, i love the double doors for use to make pies up top and maybe chicken on the bottom, i have had this oven for a long time and i will not have any other kind of stove, i will buy this stove again and again Temperature Control very easy and perfect Heat Distribution amazing Design looks modern and looks great Ease of Cleaning very easy


Palm Bay, FL


Great for what we need it for!


We bought this off the showroom floor! It did have a heat sensor problem but we were under warrenty and able to get it fixed no problem! This range has worked wonderfully and we really like it! I love that I can be baking something in the top oven and have something warming in the bottom oven! Our old range didn't do that! Temperature Control Temp is so easy to use! Heat Distribution My food comes out exactly how it is supposed to! Durability I have 3 kids under the age of 3 and has held up pretty well! Design I love the look! Ease of Cleaning I have no problems cleaning my range!


Dike, IA


It is hard to clean.


      the flat top stove looks awesome but is extremely hard to clean if you have any thing spill on it when cooking, you also have to purchase a special cleaner which doesn't make cleaning it any easier. We will never purchase another stove like it. I have heard the same thing from our house keeper.


Grand Junction, CO


i love this stove


this stove is a flat topwhich means no burners to spill food under. also a self clean  oven which  really love during the winter because it heats the kitchen. i  also found i can put my broiler pan in during the clean cycle  and it comes out looking brand new!


Jasper, AL


Great conveniences, one flaw


Only flaw is that when you clean the double oven , you must clean them one at a time, because of the intense heat it makes, otherwise your cabinets around the oven could get deformed. (Also, the cabinet doors must be removed). This is a very time consuming thing, and it does smell a little. Takes over 4 hours, so unless you are going to wake up at midnight to do the other oven, you have to do it over two days. Otherwise, good and convenient. Third rack is very nice for heating and keeping warm. Racks remove and adjust easily. With 6 racks total, it is easy to have all the food heated for a Holiday. Easy buttons, to push and read and easily adjust temperatures between the ovens. Clear displays, large viewing window and substantial light for looking into the oven.


Wading River, NY


Amazing Kenmore Double Oven!


My family moved from our started home in April and of course had to buy all new appliances. I knew my dream of having a double oven would finally come true. After alot of price comparing and reading reviews we went with the Kenmore Elite Freestanding Double Oven.  This is our first time having a oven with convection as well as a glass top. The top took a little getting used to as it requires alot more cleanup. It is amazing how fast water boils on it though. The convection feature is something that gets used all the time. If I could go back I would probably by a single with the convection feature. I really only use the top for tater tots or fries. It also annoys me a little that the self cleaning function only cleans the bottom. Overall we are really happy with our purchase!


Tupelo, MS


Kenmore Elite Freestanding Electric Double Oven Range

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