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Kenmore Elite Freestanding Dual Fuel Self-Clean Range

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Beautiful Range with one Flaw


We have had our range for over two years and by all accounts I love it. It cooks amazing, very consistent. I love the convection cook option as well as the option for breads, cakes and roasts. It moves the air around perfectly so that your meal is great each time. The range is great too, easy to clean up, the greates can go right in the dishwasher and the controls are easy to use. The exterior is beautiful stainless steel. It looks amazing in our kitchen. The one issue that I have with this range is that the LED/ LCD lights keep going out. I have had the tech out three times to make the repairs, the frist two times it was covered under the original warranty, I then purchased an extension just in case and sure enough they went out again. Evidently there is an issue with the connection. They have to replace the elective panel with a new one. I believe they are aware of this as each time the tech come out the product # that he is replacing is a slightly different number . The range still works fine when the lights are out, but it is not something I would want to continue to live with. Overall we love this range, if they could just get the light right. Temperature Control excellent Heat Distribution excellent Durability pretty good, except for the light Design beautiful Ease of Cleaning it is difficult to get the crumbs out of the face plate

Doylestown, PA


Love it but wanted to love it more.


I've had this range for a couple of years. I'd admired and wanted it for years, and my husband surprised me with it for Christmas. I love to cook and usually cook 1-2 meals a day. This range is a workhorse. With 5 burners and 2 ovens, for someone who loves to cook big family meals, it's a God-send. Even for day-to-day cooking, the extra space is very nice. A gas stove is a MUST, and the large convection oven is especially nice for more even baking than standard electric. However, the glass cooktop on mine became discolored and dull after the first couple of boiled over pots of potatoes. No amount of cleaning got the shine back. And whoever thought stainless steel was great obviously does NOT do a lot of cooking or have children. The stainless steel control panel and front show every bit of grease and it's a PAIN to clean. Also the electronic timer is annoying to set. (You have to push the button and hold it until it gets to the correct time.) The controls are also very hard to clean around.

McCloud, CA


Stay away from Kenmore


purchased this stove the very first time we cooked on it had pot boiling on right rear burner and sauce pan on left.... rear plastic on control panel wrinkled and melted SEARS claimed customer misuse won't honor warranty extremely high fire hazard due to close proximity of gas burners to plastic control panel

Seattle, WA




This is an excellent stove and convection/ regular oven. Cooking on a gas stove is the best because it allows you to control the heat. The burners are easy to use and easy to clean. The stove allows you to cook with convection or not! I love the choice. I am not familiar with convection so I was also happy to see the control where it converts the regular time to convection time. There is also a mini side oven where you can bake or warm bread or other things. It is small so you cannot fit a regular sized baking sheet in there. There is also a delayed baking button that is so nice. Putting in food and setting that timer is very nice feature to have. There is also storage underneath that holds many items. This is a great stove to own if you enjoy cooking and baking. You will have to keep the manual out for a while while you get used to the different features but that is a small price for such an awesome product. 

Clinton, NY


Tries to do too much with too little space


This range was in our home when we bought it and my husband will not let me take it out.  I'd like to take it our to a dark alley and blow it up.  The concept is excellent.  I love a gas top with electric convection baking.  The five burner top offers lots of options, including flames that shoot out larger than any pot I own - even my spaghetti pots.  If you take all of the grates off for cleaning and do not assemble them exactly, the gas still comes pouring out even if the flame won't ignite.  My teenage daughter nearly blew up the house one night.  The convection oven is poorly designed.  If you put the cooking rack on the lowest level, you are 100% guaranteed to burn yourself everytime unless you use an oven mitt.  Don't even think about purchasing this combo if you have lower back problems.  The oven is large enough to cook a 20 plus pound turkey, but you better do your casseroles ahead of time because that is all that will fit in the oven.  And what exactly are you supposed to cook in the ridiculous small side conventional oven?  Six mini pizza bagels?  Four baked potatoes?  I would rather have had a larger oven.  The convection setting is my favorite way to cook and I have owned EXCELLENT convection ovens in previous homes.  This one really does not seem to cut cooking time.  Two sheets of cookies take up to 18 minutes.  A 15 pound turkey took almost 4 hours.  The same size turkey took 2.5 hours in a GE Profile.  I don't recommend this style.  Get a gas cooktop intalled countertop style and do a double oven, top convection, bottom traditional, it you can budget it. 

Potomac, MD


Kenmore Elite Freestanding Dual Fuel Self-Clean Range

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