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Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

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Nice dishwasher but not for super soiled caked on gung


this is a nice dishwasher but it doesn't always get the dried on caked on food stuff. it does a good job of cleaning prerinsed plates and bowls but for dried on oatmeal it falls a little short and leaves some spots here and there. I like the overall clean design and the controls on the top are easy to use. It would be nice to have brighter LEDs to tell the dishes are clean or in process. Noise Level Only slight wooshing here and there. We don't have to turn up the TV when this is running. Very nice noise level. Cleaning Time I like the delay button to run this after we have gone to bed and wake up to nice clean dishes. The regular wash cycle is efficient and timely. Loading Flexibility there are almost too many options for loading. i actually removed a lot of the little trays and baskets and covers to be able to just load dishes. So there are a lot of options. Performance Performs adequately the dishes come out clean. Design This matches the rest of our Kenmore stuff but the handle where in pinches down to the door is hard to clean in that space. I am not going to get stainless steel next time as it is too hard to keep looking clean. Water spots show up very easily. Durability Good. nothing has broken or had to be repaired.

Mountain View, CA


The Kenmore Elite Dishwasher: works great and looks great!


I've had this dishwasher for about 8 months now, and I am truly thrilled with it!  lt has lots of features, and really was worth the extra cost. In the past, we never used our dishwasher often. With just two people, it never seemed to be worth the water and energy to use it daily, so it was pretty much a weekend-family-dinner kind of thing. I hate to put something in the dishwasher and have it sit there for a day or two. This new one, though, is perfect! It can wash the top-rack only, and we can fill up the top-rack almost everyday. It  has a water saving feature, and a timer delay, so every night after dinner, we set the dishwasher to wash in the middle of the night. The water saving wash takes quite a bit longer, so the nightime is the best time to use it. It is EXTREMELY can barely hear it's on! And it cleans really really well. So far, in 8 months of use, there has only been one time that I found a fork and a bowl with some residue after cleaning. Sometimes I put extra stuff on the top-rack.....kind of sitting on the other things, but so far everything has come clean even with that. This dishwasher has a turbo-wash feature, where you can place pots and pans for an extra-thorough cleaning. I've used it on pots, pan, and baking dishes that I had roasted in. All came out clean. You can also choose the 1 hour wash, which uses more water, but sometimes you need the dishes quickly, and they seemed to come clean in 1 hour without any problems. I've just cleaned the reuseable filter for the first time, and it was very easy to do. There was hardly anything to clean out of the filter, actually, so it's been doing a good job. I do rinse anything solid off my dishes before I put them in the washer, though.  Lastly, I chose this top-of-the-line Kenmore Elite because of the features, but also for it's appearance. There is a nice handle on the outside, and the 3 little lights that indicate washer status....but no dials or knobs. Those are all on the top of the door frame. It sure looks great, and it helps to keep grandkids from starting the dishwasher accidentally. The inside is stainless, and I love how high-tech and sophisticated and clean it looks everytime I open the door. It washes well and looks really nice. My research paid off.....I made a great choice!    

Cornelius, OR


Very Quiet


We recently purchased a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher and are very happy with it. It's very quiet; the interior racks are adjustable which makes loading easier. Everything is coming out sparkly clean. I would recommend this machine.

Redwood City, CA


Kenmore Elite Dishwasher

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