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Kenmore Elite 900-Watt Blender

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Powerful and Reliable Blender


i mostly use it to make smoothies and grind some grains and pulses. This 900W blender is tough, powerful, blends carrots, apples, greens,and any other vegetables I add into my smoothie with complete ease. The base is stable, secure, tough and does not move while blending. The glass container is not as heavy as other containers and the lid fits tightly. Blending Power It can grind tough grains and greens easily. I have made wet pastes used in Indian cooking, and have been satisfied. Versatility It makes smoothies easily.I can also grind meat and stuff for burgers / patties. I can also blend sauces in it. It crushes ice too. Ease of Cleaning I was able to easily dis-assemble the blades for cleaning. The jar is made of glass so need to be careful with it while cleaning. Ease of Use It i a pretty stable and easy to use blender.It has a 5-speed system that can blend with the right consistency. The pitcher is large and holds quantities enough for everyone in the family. Durability The lower part is plastic even though the rest of it is aluminium. The plastic could wear out eventually and might need replacement. With the 5 years' warranty, that is covered, however, no guarantee after that,

San Diego, CA


Buying this blender ain't no blunder.


The Kenmore Elite brushed aluminum 900 watt blender is among the finest I've ever purchased. When looking for a blender, I was mainly concerned with it blending in with my other kitchen appliances (no pun intended!), since I have a very modern and stylish brushed aluminum look going on, and am not too particularly concerned with the functionality of my blender, since for custom blending needs I have several different appliances. Having said that, I was pleasantly surprised at the power and functionality of Kenmore's 900W brushed aluminum offering. It lacks some of the unnecessary features that you see on blenders from days past (70 different blending modes) and has what you need for your blending needs. It's not going to double as a food processor or a mixing stand, but it does what it needs to, and looks good while doing it!

Grapevine, TX


Kenmore Elite 900-Watt Blender

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