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Kenmore Elite 6-Slice Infrared Toaster Oven

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Not a good toaster oven


My old trusty T-Fal had an accident and needed to be replaced.  I have specific needs for a toaster oven and one of them is no knobs.  i hate knobs.  And when I went shopping and shopping and shopping for a replacement toaster oven, they were all made to look retro with knobs.  So my selection was limited and ended up buying the Kenmore Elite because the knobs weren't as bad as others, and it had a good capacity, and the price was right. I am however not very happy with it.  It's not the worst, but i'm looking forward to it breaking and needing replacing The blue display light is very bright, and if you don't look at it at the right angle it's hard to see exactly what setting it is on The oven temp is set based on the option you choose (bake, broil, pizza, warm) it can not be set based on a specific temperature so i have to keep a note by it that says, Pizza = 400degrees, etc. The "toast" feature is horrible.  It dries the bread out really badly.  And then it cools down so fast that if you wait more then 30 seconds after removing it from the toaster, butter does not really melt on it. It is LOUD.  When the oven is on, it makes these rackety fan noises.  It does not sound healthy, and it's annoying My old toaster oven came with this great tong that had hooks on the tong end so you can pull out the rack w/o burning your hands.  Thankfully i kept this, otherwise it would be difficult to pull the rack out. It's messy.  But this is sort of the case with all toaster ovens, so my positives for this product would be that it comes with a pan and pizza tray and that the crumb catcher is easy to pull out and clean off (that's one of my requirements)

Surprise, AZ


Kenmore Elite Infrared Toaster Oven - so/so


Makes good toast?  Well not exactly.  It seems to dry the bread out more than it actually toasts the surface.  Only three settings available for color - so if you like it somewhere in between light and medium - you need to babysit the toaster.  The oven has no temperature setting, you get what ever it decides?  It looks sleek and tech savvy, but the functionality is really lacking.

Vancouver, WA


Good-looking and flexible toaster oven; limited controls


This is a sleek, good-looking toaster over on my counter.  It has a curved top, which looks cool, but eliminates possible "shelf" space.  Noisy fan runs a long time after use.  Infrared & convection technologies make cooking fast.  I LOVE the 12" pizza feature; much more efficient than heating up the big oven.  Here's the problem:  There really is no temperature control.  You have a function control and if you look in the manual, you will find the temperature that corresponds to what you want.  However, that's way more work than I was anticipating.  Once I mastered it, though, the performance has lived up to my expectations.  The interior rack configuration is better than other toaster ovens I have had (and I have had lots over the years).

McMurray, PA


Kenmore Elite 6-Slice Infrared Toaster Oven

2.3 3