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Kenmore Elite 5-Speed Blender

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Kenmore Elite Blender works well for what I want to do with it!


I recently got my Kenmore Blender a few weeks ago just because (my husband says). I love how Kenmore kitchen appilances are well made and some can last even up to ten years. Trust me I have experienced it! It has an easy use button so anyone can use it. Kenmore appilances are affordable and high quality. I love making fruit drinks/smoothies from my blender the best. You can use this blender for making many different everyday foods/drinks people love. It is light weight compared to most blenders I have experienced in the past. This blender is very powerful so it only takes a few minutes to make a healthy drink or food. It is easy to keep clean. Next time my friends or family are in the market for a new blender; I will be recommending this one in particular.

Lake City, FL


Great cool looking blender!!! ;)


    I bought this blender about 6 months ago and so far so good! I bought it because i was  like in this health kick and became addicted to healthy smoothies! Well its an overall great blender for smoothies if thats what you are interested in.     It has 8 buttons on the front. On the first row are STIR CHOP MIX PUREE and  LIQUEFY.....when i make my smoothies i use the PUREE  button..The second row consists of PULSE OFF and ICE CRUSH.     I love this blender so much! The container thing on the top is made out of glass and the lid fits wonderfully! Glass is much better than plactic and last way longer! The container can hold up to 56 oz or 7 cups. It also has a handle and a spout but i think most blenders have those hahahaha....check out the picture that i attached...     The cord is about 2.5 feet long which perfect for a blender i think...Also, I noticed that it stays put when i blend and doesnt hop around like other crappier blenders....

Springfield, MO


Kenmore Elite blender is quick, easy and efficient.


After owning two other lower quality blenders, my husband recently bought me the ***Kenmore Elite  blender***. I am thrilled with it. Comparing it to the other brand I owned, this model is easy to assemble and stays put. No wiggly gaskets, and figuring out how the threads on the bottom cap screws on to keep it from leaking. That was the problem with two of the same model of the other brand I owned. Also, this Kenmore Elite is quicker, more powerful and holds more. It also has a safety feature that turns it off once you hit five minutes. Great for me, as I always had to time the items I wanted to blend. I usually ran it for about 5 minutes, anyway. Because of the power of the Elite, I can stop it earlier. I highly recommend the Kenmore Elite blender.



Kenmore Elite 5-Speed Blender

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