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2-Slice Toasters
Kenmore Elite 2-Slice Toaster

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Classic toaster combined with modern-day furnishings


This toaster looks and feels just like a regular toaster, along with a slew of options that serves all your toasting needs. I don't really need to toast a lot of bread during breakfast, so I find the two slots to be sufficient. The wide slots are a nice touch, as I sometimes buy bread that might be a little thicker per slice. The knob that you would expect every toaster to have is included, along with an option to thaw. It actually works really well for some frozen foods, like Eggo waffles or other treats that might fit in the slots. If you're looking for a regular toaster, it doesn't get any better than this. It won't necessarily win any awards, but sometimes, you just need something to get your bread warm with your coffee, which is fine by me.

Glendora, CA


Love the colors!


We bought this toaster about 18 months ago. We both love it. I fell in love with because it was stainless steel and orange. It was a great complement go with my more modern taste. The toaster works great. It toasts pretty quickly. I love how you can change the settings, very easily, to get the toast exactly how you want it. And the defrost option is a great option. We like to freeze our bread and sometimes we do not have the time to wait for it to thaw. The defrost option works great for when you are in a hurry. Plus it toasts bagels, English muffins without any issues. The wide slots make it so the bagels or muffins will not get stuck. For the price of the toaster, I would say its is worth the money.

Honolulu, HI


This is an average toaster that does a good job.


The Kenmore European 2-Slice Toaster is perfect.  It has extra wide slots so that bagels and English muffins can be toasted without sticking in the toaster.  This toaster also has a microchip browning selector with seven settings so you can choose the darkness of your toast.  Another feature of this toaster is the lift lever, which allows you to lift smaller pieces of bread that did not make it to the top of the toaster.  This lever raises the carriage, lifting the bread up higher. This Kenmore toaster has three control buttons located on the top.  With one button, you can cancel the toasting process and the bread will pop up.  The reheat button allows you to reheat bread that has already been toasted.  The frozen button allows you to defrost frozen bread products before toasting them. I have found that this toaster meets all my needs without a lot of unnecessary extras.  It toasts any kind of bread I want, I can stop the process at any time, and I can defrost before I toast.  It is even easy to clean with a slide out crumb tray and a wipe clean exterior.

Boiling Springs, SC


Kenmore Elite 2-Slice Toaster

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