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Kenmore Elite
Kenmore Elite 1.5 cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave


1.5 cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave

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Stylish, Excellent Microwave Oven


This is so easy to keep clean inside and out. Works as well as any microwave oven I've had in the past. Also, for such a slim model it has plenty of room inside for almost any dish. Performance Never a problem in the 6 months I've owned it. Settings/Features Very easy touchpad. Ease of Cleaning Inside and out - is exceptionally easy to keep clean. Ease of Use Would have liked a few more options on the auto settings. Durability This was on sale when purchased and if it lasts only a few years, it will still be one of the best bargains I've ever purchased. Design Very stylish.


Terre Haute, IN


An Easy-To-Use Microwave that doesn't sacrifice performance.


This microwave combines phenomenal ease of use with spectacular performance to produce the best all-around microwave on the market. Performance This microwave features incredibly even heating and consistent cooking times. Long gone are the days of half-frozen, half-boiling food! Welcome to perfectly thawed, consistently cooked food every time! Settings/Features The number of automatic settings for various foods is perfect for everyday use, and the settings themselves are appropriate for cooking those products. The manual heat controls are simple and easy to understand, as well. Ease of Cleaning While cleaning a microwave is never a pleasure, this microwave has an easy cleaning surface that makes the task less tedious. Ease of Use There is absolutely nothing about this microwave that is confusing or difficult. Everything is well-labeled and easy to understand. Durability This microwave is built like a tank! It inspires confidence with its sturdy build and projects long-term durability. Design The design is appealing, but also sturdy and functional. It has plenty of style but with substance behind it.




Easy to use - loud annoying beep.


As good as any microwave I've used this unit has multiple handy functions. You can use the one-push buttons for things like pizza and popcorn or controlled defrost cycle. There is also a 'quick start' option where you can set it for 30 seconds or however many minutes you want with minimal buttons needed - "quick" then "3" will cook for 3 minutes on high power. This isn't a completely unique option as man microwaves have some form of this type of option but it is nice to have. The worst - and honestly only bad - thing about this microwave is the beeping that happens when it it done with the heating time. The beep is loud and repeats three times every ten seconds until you open the door. It doesn't seem so bad at first but gets old FAST and is quickly annoying and will have you running to stop the unit before that dreaded timer goes off. If you can't beat it to the punch you will find yourself talking to your microwave - telling it to calm down or shut up. It seems like a minor issue but it is very grating and loud - every single time. There is no way to turn it down or even off, i tried finding the speaker so i could block it off but that would require some major deconstruction or blocking of the vent (which is the fan for the oven) and not a good idea. Overall a good microwave, it would have a 10 rating if it weren't for that beep. Performance It's a microwave - it will cook your food and boil your water. Settings/Features nice selection of options - but i wish turning the alarm down was one of them. Ease of Cleaning No more difficult to clean than any other microwave. Ease of Use Simple and straightforward. Durability Somewhat new unit but so far so good. Design Attractive and matches our other stainless appliances.


Philadelphia, PA


Good product


My office owns this Kenmore Elite 1.5 cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave for a year now and it is used by all the employees including me. The microwave looks quite classy and elegant. It is very easy to use this microwave and I use it to mainly heat my lunch box and I just need to keep it for about 30 to 60 seconds and the box becomes too hot if kept for more time. When the timer ends, it alerts that the food item is heated and the interior lights work well. I also prepare ready to eat meals using this microwave and the meal comes out hot and tasty. The things which I dislike about this product is that the fan is quite loud and while the product is in operation, it gets quite disturbing and also it vibrates while heating the food which makes me a bit scared as if the microwave keeps working continuously without getting time to cool down, it might explode. It takes a long time to cool as well.




Kenmore Elite 1.5 cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave

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