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Kenmore Elite
Kenmore Elite 1.3HP Blender with Single Serve Cup


This powerful 1.3 HP blender from Black & Decker is ready for any blending job. The BPA-free 64 oz. Tritan jar with comfortable grip and built-in measuring cup is large enough for a pitcher full of frosty drinks or use the BPA-free single serve cup for the on the go smoothie. Choose from five different blender speeds which include a count-up timer with LED display to ensure the right amount of blending. The stainless steel blade system allows for even blending every time.

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Love this


This Kenmore Elite 1.3 horse power blender with single serve cup is great. I recently got this a few months ago and wanted something that came with it's own single serve cup. I love the addition with the cup because I can make a perfect serving size and dont have any dishes to clean up afterwards. It's very quick, efficient and easy to clean and use. The power of the single serve is very good compared to to blender container. It blends up my smoothies very well in the single serve and the blender container. It is also versatile because you can make many different things with both of them. I love the design because it easily fits under my counter top and has been very durable for me thus far. It is also easy to clean and I love that it only takes minutes to clean and make a smoothie. I would say this is an intermediate blender and you could always upgrade but this is great for everything and lasts for a long time.


Warren, OH


Love the dual use


I use the Kenmore Elite 1.3HP Blender with Single Serve Cup for two things: making single smoothies and making a big old pitcher of margaritas. This machine does both things well. I make a smoothie almost everyday and margaritas a couple times a month. Blending Power My test for blending power is ice for margaritas. This machine passes my test.I've had blenders (cheap ones) that couldn't crush ice. They are now in the garbage. This one is powerful enough for all my needs. Versatility I love how this can change from single serve for my smoothies to regular size. That just makes this machine so handy. Ease of Cleaning This machine is actually easier to clean than any of my other blenders. Parts are easy to remove and clean. Ease of Use Very easy to use, and easy to figure out how to use it. Design Nice looking product. I usually keep it on my counter, so I appreciate that it looks good. Durability I can see having this product for several years. Seems durable enough to last.




This blender is fanatastic!


I purchased this blender last year, and I have used it on a daily basis ever since! I use it every morning to make smoothies, and it works perfectly. I love the single serving feature. It's great for one person. I would recommend this blender to anyone who is looking for a dependable single serving blender. Blending Power It crushes ice within seconds and my smoothies come out fully blended every time. Versatility This blender is not very versatile. I mostly just use it to make smoothies and crush ice, but that is fine by me. Ease of Cleaning Most blenders are difficult to clean, but this one is actually quite simple. Ease of Use I can honestly say that this is the easiest-to-use blender that I have ever owned. It is self-explanatory, and it was easy for me to use from the beginning! Design I love the single serving design! Durability Considering the fact that I have used this every single day for a year now, I would describe this blender as extremely durable.






The Kenmore Elite Blender is a great everyday blender to have at home in your kitchen. It has great power and leaves things smooth and silky. Its easy to work, has a great tight seal as a lid, and is quick and convenient to clean out. I like that it is wider than most blenders which makes for quicker cleaning. We've had ours for several years and it is still going strong. Perfect for whipping up smoothies, creaming soups, crushing ice, or even making a quick batch of whip cream! Kenmore has long lasting items and they offer great quality in all the variety of their products. Blending Power Great, strong and powerful. Versatility Several options to choose from depending on what you would like to prepare or your preferences. Ease of Cleaning Quick, simple and easy thanks to the wide opening. Ease of Use Push a button and you are set. Design Design is practical, and useful, different from the average blender. Durability Fantastic. Should last you for years.


Minneapolis, MN


Kenmore Elite 1.3HP Blender with Single Serve Cup

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