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Kenmore Electronic Slow Cooker

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Great time saver for the busy house hold.


Over all it is a great asset to busy households. It is great to set and leave. It is very dependable and easy to clean. This Slow cooker is large enough to feed a good size crowd. It is east to use. We have cooked soups roasts and one pot dinners with ease It is a great product. My only draw back is the handles broke and I can not find where I can get new handles.



kenmore slow cooker


The kenmore electric slow cooker 68332  is one of the best christmas gifts that my son bought me years ago. I have used it so much over the years and I have never had any problems except when the glass top broke on it. The button are big enough for me to read and has 4 settings. low, medium, high and warm and has a timer to it also. It surely holds alot of food in it with that deep dish that it has and is so easy to clean. Since my glass broke on it I have been using a long oblong plate to cover it. It takes longer time to cook my stuff because the some of the steam comes out from it but it still gets the job done. I like the fact that I can just throw what ever kind of food in it and then just let it cook own its own. I would recommend this to anyone who works alot and doesn't have time to cook. They really are not that expensive but you figure in the long run you save on money and time in the kitchen.

San Bernardino, CA


This Kenmore Electronic Slow Cooker is a great asset!


The Kenmore Electronic Slow Cooker 68332 is a great asset for most working moms. It has an electronic timer which allows you to set it for one to ten hours; and it has a low, medium, high, and keep warm setting. When the timer runs out, it automatically changes the temperature setting to "keep warm". Furthermore, the deep removable dish makes it easier to keep messes contained and clean-up more efficent. Plus, the black color of the actual dish is soooooooooo nice because it doesn't show any of the stains that are inevitable with heavy use. The downside of this product is that the stainless steal outside shell is more difficult to keep clean than other appliance materials. (It shows every fingerprint!) Because this part of the cooker contains the electrical parts, it can't be submerged in water which makes cleaning it a pain! Finally, if you are preparing meals for a family of four or more, then the size of this is good. However, I usually only cook for my husband and myself, so my meat size is usually not big enough to meet the minimum capacity requirements. Therefore, I often resort back to an older cooker that I have that is a smaller size. Overall, though, I would rate this product very high and would buy another!

Cumberland, MD


Kenmore Electronic Slow Cooker

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