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Kenmore Electronic Sewing Machine

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Better than the new machines and easier to operate.


This was a found item that someone threw away. My husband brought it home and fixed and adjusted the settings. It runs like a dream. It is a bit heavy for me to lift, but I am not a strong person. It has a wide variety of attachments which include foot, button and guides. It is extremely easy to thread. It is numbered. It is also very easy to refill the bobbins.  These machines were built to last and it sure proves that. I've not had a bit of trouble with it since we found it in the trash 5 years ago. It does have an oil smell that I do not like. But, I am more sensitive than most. So, I just keep it covered when not in use. I would like to see a different cover for the bobbin. The metal reflects the light which is very bright. I cover it when sewing to keep it from giving me a headache. I use this machine for all my sewing projects. From quilting to card making. I sew through paper and cardstock with ease.


Deltona, FL


Kenmore Electronic Sewing Machine

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