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Kenmore Electric Dryer

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Only dry it once! No repeat drying necessary!


Because I'm a very busy wife, mother, and teacher I need to do things right the first time! That's why I love htis dryer. I can set it to dry my clothes and it does the job right the first time. I don't have to come back after an hour and dry them all over again. I don't have time for that! My clothes come out fluffy, unwrinkled and ready to fold. The machine has been reliable and I give it 5 stars! I believe that I definitely get my money's worth out of this dryer. There is plenty of room to fit all my laundry needs. I have a family of four and I can do 3 loads of laundry a week and that includes everyone's clothes, towels and bed linens.WOW!

Lexington, SC


works great dryes clothes fast energy efficent


for the price it works really great. it dryes really fast dont make much noise has several different settings dont over heat my clothes an delicates. Im impressed with this dryer! has great compasity too

Morganton, NC


Kenmore dryers: the perfect match of low price and high quality


My husband purchased this when we moved into our first home, an dI couldn't be happier with it!  The price was on the lower end of the spectrum, so I was anticipating a very small unit, but I was pleasantly suprised to see how large it is! 

Warwick, RI


Kenmore Electric Dryer

5.0 3