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Kenmore Electric Dryer

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An average dryer for the price


This Kenmore clothes dryer is an average dryer for the price.  The only complaint I have is the dryer's bearings are starting to go out making a whining noise.  I have never got a dryer that makes the noise.  Switching the dryer door is a nice feature and they can be stacked with the clothes washer.  The moisture sensor goes out within the first year.  This dryer has nice options of choosing the time, heat setting, time setting or moisture setting.  This is about the same as other dryers I have owned in the past with the exception of the dryer bearings going out.  I have to caution towards the back end of the dryer gets really hot and do not set things on the back end unless you want it melted.  I do not know many that the moisture sensor goes out within the first couple of months.  It is an okay dryer for the price.


Pueblo, CO


Kenmore Electric Dryer

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