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Kenmore Electric Dryer

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All though I love the size/ capacity if the drum, unfortunately I'm not satisfied with this product. It takes multiple cycles to dry a large load or a small load of bulky items. My husbands work are thick and durable and even if I only put three pairs in the dryer with nothing else I still have to do at least two cycles on the 1hr timed. It makes doing laundry more of a chore then what it already is and its exhausting. I bought the dryer brand new and the price is very reasonable no complaints there. I also wish it came in another color other then white as the top does get dirty quick


Longview, Wa


Voila...super dry!


This was the dryer next to the Kenmore front load washer in my earlier apartment. Kenmore is a good name when it comes to washer and dryers and are quite reasonable to buy as well. This might be one the many reasons of having these installed in my unit. The dryer worked as good as the washer. It takes a good load of clothes at a time and make them super dry. Of course it won't work if I will stuff it with all towels and jeans altogether. It works decent with decent amount of clothes at a time. I had no problem or issues whatsoever while using this dryer while we were in that unit, for over a year. If I have the option to purchase a dryer for myself I would definitely consider Kenmore brand. I usually put the whole load of clothes altogether in the dryer without any sorting from undergarments to jeans to shirts to towels. Basically everything and anything, and had no issues.




Great Dryer and Simple to Use


This dryer is very economical and doesn't cause my power bill to fluctuate too much. It is an electric dryer and does require a 220 hookup which isn't a big deal. The only pitfall for me is that I often have to put the loads on an extra 20-60 minutes to finish drying even though the matching washing machine held the same amount of clothes and got them clean. The capacity of the washer seems to be too much for the dryer to dry in one cycle. Load Capacity This dryer does a great job of getting rid of lint and fuzz and cat fur etc. but it doesn't do much for handling larger capacity. The clothes that come out of the matching washing machine often end up being separated into two loads so I can make sure they dry in one cycle in the dryer. If I don't split up the load out of the wash I usually end up drying a load in the dryer for 80 to 120 minutes. Sometimes I even have to go a little longer if it's a load of towels or blankets. Performance This dryer does a great job if your load is small enough. You have to be careful with larger loads but with smaller loads, such as maybe 8-10 towels, it does a great job of getting the load dry in 45-60 minutes and it pulls out a ton of lint, fuzz, and animal fur as well as hair. Ease of Use This dryer is so simple to use. You literally just have to turn the dial to the setting you want or how many minutes you would like, load your clothes in, shut the door and press start. Even kids could use this dryer. Durability I've placed towels, blankets, denim, my boyfriends electrical work clothes, and even shoes in this dryer. It is super durable in what you throw in, you just have to be careful to do smaller loads. Design I love the design of this. It is so easy to use, just open and put clothes in, then clothes door and pick a setting and press start. It's a great design. The lint trap is even on the outside so if you want to get the lint out of the tray after a load of laundry, it's not nearly as hot as it would be on dryers where the lint tray is inside or inside the door.




My Kenmore Electric Dryer Falls Short on Its Dryer Duties


While I find my Kenmore washer does a great job my Kenmore dryer leaves a little to be desired.  Too often I find that one load in my washing machine translates into two loads in my dryer or I end up with a load of laundry that requires two complete drying cycles.  I have tried the timed dry cycle instead of the auto dry cycle but it does not make a difference.  It is quiet and sturdy and does not disrupt my household with noise or heavy load shakes but I would love if one washing machine load equaled one dryer load.  Although, I have this one issue with my Kenmore electric dryer it is a reliable machine in that I have never had any service issues with it.  So, I have now accepted that sometimes I have to feed it a little less laundry to get the desired outcome and I guess I can live with that for now.  As far as recommending it to someone else, I would recommend the Kenmore brand but perhaps a different model.


Powder Springs, GA


Kenmore Electric Dryer

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