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Kenmore Dual Fuel Range 79382

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A Cool Stove!


This oven is new, modern, and good too. It has five burners on the stove, and the iron stove tops over the burners are simpler to clean. They are just two large iron pieces, instead of four little ones. The oven also has a bar that locks the oven door so it is childproof safe as well. The oven has two racks, so you can bake three things at the same time. It is also easy to clean. It even has a built in clock and timer as well. Heat Distribution The front right of the stove has the largest burner and the one in the middle is the smallest. You can cook five things on this stove! =) Ease of Cleaning I usually put aluminum foil on the stove (and cut open spaces around the burners) so that it is easier to clean when it gets too dirty.


Detroit, MI


Kenmore Dual Fuel Range 79382

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