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Kenmore Compact Refrigerator

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I have to say, with appliances in general, one cant go wrong with Kenmore in terms of quality and price. Kenmore's compact regriderator is not an exception either. I used this when I was living for several months at a time at a motel. The motel actually supplied me with one. This is a quiet unit. I dont even remember it being in my room at night as the room was so quiet. How does it work in terms of keeping one's food cold? Well, it does that very well. I havent had an issue with my food going bad or growing mildew on it (and i even eat my food slowly so some foods are in the fridge for a month and nothing has gone bad on me). It is compact so one cant really put much in terms of milk cartons or 2L bottle soda. I wish it was a tad bigger. I dont know why these companies make either a huge fridge or a small 'college' fridge like this (nothing in between). Anyway, I rant on that, this is a great fridge for the money and does its job very well. Design basic fridge. nothing extraordinary.


Gainesville, FL


Really durable and refrigerates nicely.The freezer not so much.


I've had the refrigerator since 2009 and it's still working just as good.It cools the food fast and runs quietly.It also doesn't give food that weird taste/smell other compact refrigerators can.The freezer just doesn't work at all though.I guess the more expensive ones are better for that.Otherwise it's great.


Springdale, UT


A little too much noise


This refrigerator is very small and very useful. This is probably the best thing for college students to have in their rooms. The bad thing about it is that it makes a lot of noise sometimes as if there is a fan that is going bad or something but it might go away eventually. I had to play around with mine for a while in order for it to stop making the noise. The only reason the noise might bother you is because it is kind of loud.


Macon, GA


This Kenmore mini fridge is right by my bed!


  I bought this Kenmore mini-fridge for a somewhat unconventional reason.  When my wife started bottle feeding our daughter and she was in the bassinet next to our bed it would have been sooo much more work to have to go down the stairs to the kitchen every time the baby woke up crying and needing a bottle.  So I put this fridge next to our bed along with a microwave and we kept the bottles made up in the fridge at night.  We also keep ice in it in case the bottles get a little too warm in the microwave. This fridge is awesome.  It keeps the bottles nice and cold and the ice frozen.  It was not that much money for the service it provides us and the extra sleep we get!  It also is super quiet.  Which is important since it is right next to ourwhere we are asleep at night.  I can't see a single problem that anyone could have with this fridge.  I love it and so does my wife and I can't imagine anyone NOT loving it.  The bottom line is I'm really glad I bought it.


Glendale, RI


love it


I love the black kenmore 2.7 cu ft. mini refridgerator.  My youngest son got one last summer so he would not have to go to the kitchen each time he  wanted a snack.  This mini refridgerator is just big enough for all the things he likes. It is small enough to fit in most any corner. And it has a section for eggs. And also a space for ice. My son enjoys shopping so that he can put his own groceries in his refridgerator. My oldest son had a Kenmore mini when he was in college. It was convenient and worked well. It kept his food separate from his dorm roommates. This refridgerator is inexpensive and will not use as much energy as  opening and shutting the big refridgerator over and over.  It keeps a constant temperature and seems to maintain as well as a large refridgerator.  It certainly is easier to clean. Kenmore is a brand my family trusts and we will continue to use kenmore products.  I might even buy a  mini fridge for my own use.


Roanoke, VA


Kenmore Compact Refrigerator

4.4 5