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Top Load Washers
Kenmore Compact Portable Top Load Washer

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Over priced & over sized Compact Top Load Washer


The high price, bulky size & height, poor controls & settings make this unit a poor choice for the old Kenmore it replaced. I wish that there was a similar type Kenmore or any other brand compact washer it replaced.

Honolulu, HI


Kenmore Top Load Washer 44722 compact, works great!


Kenmore Top Load Washer model # 44722 compact automatic portable washer. The Kenmore top load portable automatic washer has 4 cycles Heavy Duty 18 minute wash, Normal 12 minute wash, Permanent Press 10 minutes and a Hand Wash cycle that is 6 minutes. The Washing temperatures are hot, warm and cold. The water level can be high or medium. It has a bleach dispenser and a liquid fabric softner dispenser. I use the Permanent Press cycle mostly, cold water and the high water level. I like the liquid fabric softner dispenser. I have never used the bleach one. The only things that I found are cons with this washer is one the Hand Wash doesn't spin the clothes out enough. They come out soaked. Also if you have to respin the clothes or rinse and spin them again you can't. They have to go thru the complete cycle. Other than that this is a nice washer. I recommend for anyone that needs a washer and doesn't have the space or a hookup.



This Kenmore Top Load Washer is adequate


I had to recently buy this washing machine to replace a Kenmore washing machine which was I purchased in 2004.  The price of the washing machine was alot more than I was willing to pay, but because we live in a condo space is always the first priority.  This machine is quiet and easy to manuever around and other than the price, I have been pleased with the performance.  It is a little disappointing that there is not many choices in water temperature and fabric choices, but it is an effcient machine.  I like the cups that hold the powdered detergent and bleach separately.  A choice of colors would be good also.  At the time I bought my washing machine only white was available.  All my other appliances are in the bisque color, but it is in a closet so no one can see it except me.  I have been pleased with this machine, but I do wish Kenmore and other companies would offer more choices for small spaces.  All in all this machine does its job and the clothes are clean.

League City, TX


clean clothes happy me!


 I have a kenmore 44722 top load washer like this except mine is a little tanish.  I honestly hate doing my laundry because I feel like I always take forever but,  with this new washer machine I bought it is much more easier!  I love it because I am able to fill the whole washing machine up and it wont get messed up well, thats because its a heavy duty one.  I would really reccomend this to anyone because this way you dont have to wash little by little by little and take like a whole week to wash. Because that is what I would do and it is only my daughter my husband and me! Sooo, now I have nothing to worry about I only do COlORS, BLACKS, AND WHITES!  That makes three full loads and not six or however many I would have to do before.  So,  for the people reading this I really think you should consider this because it is of a lot of help and well,  it WILL take less of your time! I GUARANTEE it!

Escondido, CA


Kenmore Compact Portable Top Load Washer

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