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Kenmore Canister Vacuum for Carpet and Bare Floors

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Kenmore Canister for Carpet and Floors


This is a great product if you have cats. It will pick up anything on the floor. Maneuverability Although moving a canister up and down the stairs can be cumbersome it otherwise is a great vacuum for moving around just the main floors. Ease of Maintenance As long as you keep the bags emptied when they are full this is a good vacuum with great suction to get all the hair and dirt off the floor. Suction Performance This vacuum has great suction and as long as it is maintained (making sure you empty the bag) it will keep working for a long time. Do not vacuum anything that is oversized that will clog the hose. Versatility It does work on stairs as well, but you have to make sure it has a stable area to sit so it doesn't slide down the stairs. Design Easy design, has a latch that you pop open to pull out the back or get a different hose nozzle end. Also has a retractable cord which makes it easy instead of having to wind it up. Durability This is a heavy duty vacuum and long lasting.

Lincoln, NE


This vacuum was good at first, but now is disappointing


This vacuum (a Panasonic canister made for Sears), when new and during the first three years or so is a pretty good buy, but like every other appliance, it is pro-rated to about 6 or 7 years until it loses its "umf." My vacuum is 6 years old and it no longer fluffs the pile in my carpeting as it use to, even after a bag and belt change. Suction is starting to diminish. One of the things that I dislike about this canister is the upholstry/dusting tool. The dusting brush slides off the tool when sweeping from side to side. The bare floor utensil could have a neck that sits at a higher angle so it is not such a back breaker for a taller person. The cord rewind is starting to give me issues. I tend to take care of my appliances, but I guess with workmanship these days that doesn't matter anymore. I hear good things about Miele and everyone that I know loves them and one person has had one for 20 years without major issues. Maneuverability Very hard to use with steps and the Power Mate beater bar assembly could be a little more aerodynamic to fit under lower furniture. If it didn't have a headlight, it would work better. Never understood the whole headlight concept. Ease of Maintenance Changing the belt in the beater bar assembly is a cumbersome. Suction Performance Good at first and then goes down hill from there.



LOve, Love, it! I've bought 5 of them over many years!!!!


I have always loved this model of Kenmore vacuums.  I love the easy release lever on the bottom to reach all the corners of my house.  Also, the release on the top of the vacuum hose to get into couch corners.  You won't be disappointed with this vacuum.

Springfield, MA


Great vacuum cleaner


This is a great vacuum cleaner overall. Compared to the other vacuum cleaners I do not get tired at al while using this vacumm and it is also very good for dust. I highly recommend it to anyone with pets and kids.

State College, PA


My trusty Kenmore vacuum is still going strong & cleaning well!


Upon getting married and opening wedding gifts, I must say the Kenmore vacuum wasn't the one I was most excited about. I was a new bride, young and in love. Who had time to think about dirt? But several years, a few pets, and two kids later, I would be hard pressed to choose between my Kenmore vacuum and food. Just kidding, I love food. But I love my Kenmore and here's why: 1. Durability: I run this thing several times a day nearly every day of the week and it still works great on carpet and hardwood floors. 2. Versatile: As mentioned, I use it on my hardwood in the dining room. I've pretty retired the broom and dustpan. It's quicker and more efficient to just whip the Kenmore around the table a few times. 3. Attachments: I like that I can vacuum up a crushed cheerio under the China hutch with the nozzle head! Now, after many years, age & heavy use have taken a toll on the cosmetics, but that's to be expected. Also, the cord no longer retracts and that's a pain, but DH keeps saying he'll fix it. Regardless, I still love my Kenmore because it works so well and has worked for so long!

Waterboro, ME


Goodbye pet hair, goodbye


I have four pets in a 2-bedroom town house so I understand how hard it is to get rid of pet hair. Even when those hairs weave themselves in the upholstery or rugs, I have found this vaccum very effective. It comes with several attachments that are strategically encased in the front compartment. It even comes with a pet upholstery attachment which is a godsend. It is for stairs and upholster and it works really well on my microfiber couch. It also comes with a good warranty opportunity which I recommend. The vaccum I had before was also a kenmore-the older model of this one-it lasted for 6 years and I replaced it only because the plastic part on the hose broke. Great buy-you won't regret it.

Midvale, UT


The Kenmore canister vacuum is a work horse!


I really appreciate the quality of the machine.  My youngest son has autism and loves, loves, loves, vacuum cleaners.  In fact, this vacuum was actually a gift to him from his grandfather, he just lets me use it.  He has really abused this poor machine and it still works great!  I can easily go from cleaning my hardwood to my rugs and then back to the tile in the kitchen.  It has great suction and the long cord lets me clean a large area without unplugging.  I will purchase another Kenmore canister in the future.

Lexington, KY


The Kenmore Canister Vacuum is reliable and affordable!


We've always used Kenmore vacuums in our family, because it's what my mom used.  When we bought the new one, it wasn't because the old one broke... but our dog chewed on the tubing of the old one, and to get it fixed was pricey... we figured it was time to just treat ourselves to a new one.  We picked the Kenmore Canister vacuum because we knew it would work great.  It's also affordibly priced.  The canister part isn't heavy at all, so I can use it on the stairs.  Our house is half carpet and half bare floor, and the tool for bare floors is so easy to attach.  Both parts work really well.  The crevice tool is perfect for the couch and chairs.  The cord rewind always works and the HEPA filter keeps out a lot of allergens, which is important in terms of air quality!  My favorite thing about this vacuum is that the power and suction is consistent from the start of a vacuuming "session" until the end.  It doesn't get weaker after being used for thirty minutes OR when the bag is getting full.  It's a great vacuum!

Montclair, NJ


Great product worth spending hard earned cash for.


Kenmore Canister Vacuum, Blue model# 26312 I have 3 girls ranging from ages 11 - 2. Vacuum is used every day. Vacuum bags are inexpensive and last a long time. The vacuum was very inexpensive and is a great buy.

Hoffman Estates, IL


Piece of junk! Don't buy a Kenmore.


I had a Kenmore vacuum years ago and it was ok, but last year I bought a kenmore and  it's a piece of junk, it is basically falling apart. The qualiy that used to be part of Kenmore products is no longer there.  The beater brush falls off while vacuuming, the cord doesn't retract properly and when it's opened it is falling apart. Save your money, and go with another brand.

Cold Spring, NY


Kenmore Canister Vacuum for Carpet and Bare Floors

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