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Kenmore Canister Vacuum

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Kenmore Canister Vacuum: For Casual Use Only


I had an old tank styled vacuum that I used to get in to corners to avoid having to move furniture to clean up pet hair and dust. The old tank vacuum was a workhorse but it was old and loud; when the hose started to deteriorate I had a hard time trying to find a replacement for it. The Kenmore Canister Vacuum comes in some cool colors so it is geared toward the college crowd and apartment dwellers that might want to forego a regular vacuum. I didn't like the loud, harsh sound of it when I would turn it on and it seemed like it was a lot louder when it would hit the hardwood because the sound would bounce off the wood flooring. It isn't the strongest at sucking up massive amounts of dirt or using it for large rooms because you will have to keep pulling on the tank section. The telescoping rod is easy to adjust but the tank section only has two wheels so it can flip easily if you aren't paying attention to things in the room. This is lightweight enough that kids can use it so if you are looking for something for them to use for cleaning their rooms and completing chores, this I going to work out a lot better than spending $40.00 on a cheap kids version.



Kenmore Canister Vacuum 2029319, So far, so good


I spent a lot of time researching for a new vacuum cleaner and finally bought this one since the reviews tended to be better than most. I'm old fashioned in that I like a bagged vacuum cleaner (I think they are less messy and better for allergies). And I like canister vacuums since they are easier to clean in small and tight areas. Maneuverability This vacuum is much easier to maneuver than my old vacuum which was an upright. It's light-weight and is able to fit under furniture and in corners easily. Ease of Maintenance I've only had this vacuum for a month so I can't really comment on maintenance though I think it should be as easy as changing the bags and filters. Suction Performance The Kenmore Canister Vacuum #2029319 has a lot of power and suction. The powerhead for carpets especially got up all the dog hair without having to go back over areas again and again. Versatility This vacuum is great for both hardwood floors and carpets and has tools for both as well as a small pet vacuum.

Red Lion, PA


Great Canister Vacuum!


I've owned several Kenmore canister vacuums and this has to be among my favorites. I really like the sleek, easy to maneuver design. This is relatively lightweight for a canister vacuum so it's easy to carry up and down the stairs. The bags are super easy to change - you just flip open the big door and slide the old bag out and the new bag in. Not that you change the bag that often since it holds quite a bit. The beater bar does an amazing job of getting pet hair and dust out of carpets and gets them super clean. And cleans deeply as well. It really gets down into the carpet fibers and draws out the dust, litter, and other debris. The large tires make maneuvering around corners and furniture super easy. The canister almost never tips on its side, as other models frequently do. Overall, if you are looking for an easy to use, effective canister style vacuum, this is it. You really cannot go wrong with it.

Vernon Rockville, CT


Kenmore Canister 2029319- picks up everything!


This vacuum is great!  I have area rugs on wood floors throughout my home so this vacuum is perfect for me.  It transitions well using the Carpet/floor switch on the handle so dust bunnies don't get blown around.  Lightweight and easy to store - takes up less room than my old upright.    Price is very reasonable and replacement bags inexpensive

Cedar Rapids, IA


Kenmore Canister Vacuum

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