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Kenmore Burner Gas Grill

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Best grill I have ever owned.


First off, I love this grill. You pay a little bit more for the size, but it is worth it. I had a very outdated grill before I bought this amazing piece of work. This grill was light-years ahead of where my old grill was. Every piece of meat, or whatever you cook will be cooked to perfection by this amazing grill. Everything I have cooked so far comes out perfectly, and evenly cooked. The meat, even if left on a little longer still comes out very juicy, and tastes amazing. Granted, you still have to cook it your self, but the grill is worth the buy if your willing to spend the money. I thought six burners might be a little much, but I find myself using them more than I though, especially during cookouts with the whole family. The temperature gauge on the lid is the most accurate I have seen on any grill. Never had any issues yet with the ignite buttons. If you enjoy grilling out a lot, then I highly recommend this grill. I never knew Kenmore was big for their grills, but this proved me wrong completely.



Kenmore Burner Gas Grill

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