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Kenmore Built-in Dishwasher 15769

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It is so much easier having a dishwasher than it was before i had one. I am pretty satisfied with my dishwasher. Noise Level You can hear it as its washing dishes but not enough to be distracting. Performance The better the dishwasher liquid I use the better the performance of my dishwasher is. I find if I use the cheaper kind there are spots on my dishes as well as food that didn't get washed off enough. Sometimes I need to run it twice if that happens, but usually it does pretty good. Design I like the look of it, it looks very nice in my kitchen and fits exactly how I needed it to. Durability I am still testing out the durability but I can happily say it is doing a very food job of holding up!



This is the best appliance a woman could have!!!


I love this dishwasher. I have had this appliance since fall of 1993 and have had no problems with the appliance itself. I would recommend Kenmore anytime! I pray that my Kenmore will last until the economy gets better as I can not live with out it and would have to find something to sacrifice in order to have it fixed or replaced.

Jetersville, VA


Kenmore Built-in Dishwasher 15769

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