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Kenmore Built-in Dishwasher

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The Kenmoe 24-inch Dishwasher is so quiet u wont notice its ther


The Kenmore 24-inch built in dishwasher is a really great dishwasher for many reasons. I used to have one that made alot of noise and it barely fit anything and it was just really annoying and suprisingly it got really dirty alot so i stopped using it. This dishwasher is really amazing its just a little bigger than the room I had for it so it gets annoying when I have to use it and the oven. It has a lot of room and alot of space for different utensils, plates, pots, pans, etc. I would have liked a little more room for pots and pans but it fits everything else perfectly. It cleans quietly which i definetly need to have because I have a small space and I can hear everything that goes on in my home. I really love it, it looks nice, and it cleans! Thats everything i can ask for. It has all the buttons you would need to get anything done which is another bonus. I enjoy having it, it has so many features!

Oak Lawn, IL


Cleans Quietly.


This Kenmore diswasher is fantastic!  We did some remodeling in our kitchen and the dishwasher was the first to go because it was so loud and took forever to clean.  We got this Kenmore because of good reviews that we saw.  I really like that it has a key lock which is fabulous especially if you have little kids who like to push buttons.  It's also great that it has a pot scrubber function and a lighter load function.  This dishwasher is reall powerful and cleans well.  I usually rinse the dishes pretty well but if I don't this Kenmore dishwasher still gets the dishes clean.  It does seem to take a little while to wash.  I've never timed it but sometimes it does seem like it shouldn't take so long to run a load of dishes.  I also find that it works better if you use liquid or a pill type detergent instead of powder, but that was just my experience.  It does a great job drying, but I usually open it up and shake the top rack once during the drying cycle especially if I have a lot of plastic containers in there.  Overall, this is a great dishwasher!

Roanoke, VA


Kenmore diswashers really clen dishes well


I love my Kenmore diswasher!  It keeps my dishes sparkely clean.  I am a single female so i do not have alot of dishes and it works perfect for me.  Sometimes i do wish I could fit more pots and pans in the dishwasher.   However,  It vleans well and does not make alot of noise when running.  I have all different types of settings to help with the washing of dishes.  I can delay start, light washing, heavy washing, and it even has a vent in the front of the dishwasher.  It has not caused me any problems and I enjoy my dishwasher.  I am a person who cooks a lot at home so I use it on a daily basis. The price was right for this Kenmore dishwasher and i feel I am getting my money's worth.  i would reccommend this dishwasher to anyone who does not want to break the bank to pay for one.

Cincinnati, OH


Kenmore Built-in Dishwasher

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