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Kenmore Appliances

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Kenmore Washing Machine


If they had a negative scoring, that's where I would score this product and the company. I bought a Kenmore Washing machine less than a year ago - I had it serviced within the first month of it arriving and now it has completely broken down again (it won't spin). When I bought the machine, I was told I had a 1 year warranty on the product. Now the company is saying that it is a "commercial" product (we wash towels....) and their warranty only lasts 3 months - this was never mentioned to me in the store and I was told by the store that I had a 1 year warranty! Now Kenmore is saying that I have to get the store to pay the bill and that they won't do anything! This company is horrible for taking responsibility of the fact that their product has broken twice within the first year and are passing the blame to someone else!! I will never buy a Kenmore appliance again and I strongly recommend no one else does either!



Kenmore is a great brand.


I built my home 20 years ago and I bought matching white  Kenmore appliances.....I LOVE this brand.  I  an electric stove, side by side fridge (that has  Ice and water access through the door) a dish washer and even a kenmore garbage disposal .  They all still work wonderfully and I have never had a problem with any of them (not even the morer in the crushed ice dispenser) .  I am going totally redecorate my kitchen and I am going to buy brand new appliances, flooring etc.  I am  NOT getting rid of them because they don't work anymore, but because I want matching stainless.steal.   If you want something that Will last and last and last for years to come buy all Kenmore appliances. ( my mother always told me that with Kenmore you will never go wrong)  My oldest daughter just bought a beautiful but older  home that had  all Kenmore  appliances that were almost eleven years old  it and she didn't even worry about it.  She knew from living at our home that Kenmore will last a long timem and that she has several years before she will have to worry about replacing them

Brandon, MS


Kenmore Appliances

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