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Kenmore Air Conditioner

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Kept us cool in a roasting hot summer.


We bought this one for the main level of our trilevel home when the central air decided to die. It was incredibly hot and humid this summer, and this one did a great job.  It was quiet, energy efficient, and was easy on the eyes, in other words, not just a huge ugly box.  I would definitely recommend it.

Tinley Park, IL


Nice Kenmore Air Conditioner.


We were looking for a nice window unit for a family room since our other one was old and not energy efficient in the slightest so we have been happy with kenmore and decided to check them out. We purchased this one based on the information we received in the store and have been using it every summer since. It has worked quite well and sure seems more efficient than the dinosaur unit we had and it is pretty quiet. It definitely could be a little quieter but that wasn't something we could check out in the store so we're happy with it. The unit cools down the room very well as long as you make sure to check the filter and clean it once in a while. We have a Whirlpool in our bedroom and central air in the rest of the house and will eventually get central throughout, but for now this is a very good alternative and works quite well for us. I recommend kenmore air conditioners and I think their other products are worth looking into also.

Crown Point, IN


Kenmore Air Conditioner

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