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Kenmore 96562 / 96564 / 96569 Electric Range

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Love this Oven!!


I honestly feel like I have just scraped the surface of discovering this Kenmore oven, it has a lot of options of things you can do but I use just the basics. It has a flat top range on top and this was my first experience with anything like this and let me tell you the one thing I LOVE is that when I make a mess canning or anything like that it is so easy to clean up. All I do is use a cleaner they recommend (though I have gotten by without it as well) and a blade to scrape off anything too burnt! Way better than cleaning out gas ranges. It also has a convection oven setting which keeps the fan running but cooks muffins and cookies faster. Also has nice easy digital settings on top. I feel like my oven cooks a little faster than most times but I know that and just adjust accordingly.

Roanoke, VA


Kenmore 96562 / 96564 / 96569 Electric Range

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