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Kenmore 92212 / 92214 Electric Range

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Wouldn't buy it again


It's reasonably easy to use bit our experience with this is typical of our experience with Kenmore -- expect it to be trouble free for 2-3 years, 5 at the most. Temperature Control The oven is OK but the burner we use most started having problems after about 2-3 years. It would stick on high (which is obviously dangerous if it happens and you don't know that it could). Currently in the process of trying to determine if it is the control or just the burner. Personally much happier with the GE that we have. It's more reliable and safer. We got it for really cheap so I guess we got what we paid for but if I had it to do over I would get a GE. Heat Distribution Oven works ok, seems to cook all right. Durability I don't think a person should have problems with a stove so soon. Unimpressed with it's longevity. Design Design is ok, reasonably easy to use. Ease of Cleaning Typical stove/oven. The burner elements makes it alot harder to keep the stove-top clean than a glasstop. The black drop pans are certainly nicer looking than the aluminum/silver ones but I plan to replace with silver ones so I can tell when they are dirty and need to be cleaned. I prefer to keep drip pans and surrounding area clean.

Saint Louis, MO


Kenmore 92212 / 92214 Electric Range

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