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Kenmore 800 Gas Dryer

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Too many repairs


We've had the dryer for a few years. It wouldn't start, and it was a $300 repair. Now, the same problem, but the technician said 2 things were wrong. A switch and a broken timer. Cost to repair is over $600, and he said for that money get yourself a new dryer. We paid the $150.00 service call (what a waste) and bought a new dryer, Samsung. When it worked, it was fine.


Long Island, NY


Dries clothing very quickly.


I really like my Kenmore dryer. I am able to dry all of our clothing and household items on low heat, which allows me to save money and time. I am very pleased that I can fit a large load of clothing and or household items in here and still get a very even drying time. I have owned this peice for over 6 years and have not had any problems with its efficiency or any other issues. I would reccommend this dryer for any busy family. This dryer also comes with a shoe dryer and a moisture sensor. I usually do not use the moisture sensor, but have come to learn that most extra large loads of laundry usually dry in 50 to 60 minutes Ease of Use Toss em in and dry.




Awesome Dryer


Our dryer had starting going out so we started looking for a new one. We had recently purchased a washer a few months before our dryer started acting up. We decided to go with the same brand our washer was. When I came across this one, I had realized it matched our washer exactly. This dryer has a very large capacity and one thing I really like about it is that the door opens at the top and comes down so you don't have to worry about your clean clothes falling on the floor. And That's a plus in my eyes!! Also your clothes, blankets, whatever you decide to put in the dryer dries extremely quick!!




Kenmore is the best brand for Laundry!


I seriously love my Kenmore washer/dryer. I was so worried about having a gas dryer, and was so happy to find out it was Kenmore. Reliable, safe, and trouble free it's been. I clean the lint trap after every load, and have had no problems whatsoever, even when roommates leave kleenex in their pocket, the dryer is amazing at removing lints and paper pieces! Multiple heat settings and I love that you can turn off the buzzer. Laundry has never been easier.




Always a Kenmore for me!


I've had really good luck with Kenmore appliances and this dryer can be added to my list. My last one lasted 25 years and I have hopes this one will too. I take good care to make sure the lint collector is cleaned after each load and I keep the dryer covered when not in use. The dryer is fairly quiet and each dryer option works well (perm press, delicate, just air, etc). I like that it buzzes not once, but several times before shutting off, so you have lots of notice to get the clothes before it shuts off and the clothes have a chance to wrinkle. My Mom was visiting me from back East and loved my dryer so much (she had always had an electric dryer and was looking for a good gas one) that she went home and got herself to Sears and bought one too! She loves it!! And it's a lot cheaper than running an electric dryer...that's a BIG plus.


Norwalk, CA


This Dryer is Reliable


When it was time to buy a new dryer I wanted to stick with Kenmore because my previous experiences with Kenmore dryers had all been positive. They were very reliable and seemed to last for years and years. Nice to be able to take for granted that an appliance will work well and be trouble-free for a long time. So I again purchased a Kenmore dryer and so far I haven't been disappointed and it's been several years now. I clean the lint filter after every load which helps keep things trouble- free. The heat settings are pretty reliable, although I am extra cautious and will on occasion use a lower setting just to be sure there will be no damage or shrinkage to an item of clothing. I like being able to turn off the "done" buzzer with items that won't wrinkle and can stay in the dryer for a while after finishing the cycle.


Simi Valley, CA


Dependable work hose


I have had my Kenmore 800 seriesgas dryer for several years and am thrilled with how it workds.  It has a front opening with a drop down door and the lint basket is located inside the door.  This is different from the older model that it replaced.  Despite my initial reluctance with this set up, I would now recommend it.  The drum is a large capacity (7.5 cubic feet) andit drys my clothes very quickly -- even when I am drying a very big load.  It comes equipped with a buzzer that goes off at the end of the cycle.  The buzzer can be turned off, although I choose to keep mine on.  There are a variety of heat settings including one that uses a heat sensor to time the cycle.  I especially like the drying rack which I use to dry sneakers and even some sweaters.  It sits right on the lip of the door and prevents the items placed on it from tumbling.  I have always had Kenmore dryers because I find them to be a both dependable and a good value.  This dryer is no different!


East Meadow, NY


Kenmore 800 Gas Dryer

4.6 7