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Kenmore 790 Single Wall Oven

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Kenmore Smooth top Oven


My Kenmore oven is a good oven, especially the cook top. I had a hard time getting used to oven part. It seems to be off on the temperature, I always have to drop the suggested temperature on foods about 15 degrees. The cooktop is great. The back left eye has a simmer select button, this makes it easy to cook stews, soups and other types of food that require simmering to make it taste perfect. It also has a warming eye in the back center, I try to cook beans first and then keep them on this eye until everything else is done. It keeps me from having to watch a bunch of pots and eventually burn something. I would recommend this oven to someone who just needs an oven not someone that likes to bake cakes, special items or make large meals a lot. The stove top works great but the oven seems to work right when it wants to.

Thomson, GA


I love how this oven looks and works.


We purcased this wall oven by Kenmore two to three years ago. We have been pleased with it since day one. It cooks well and has just the amount of options we need. We do a lot of cooking and baking and this oven has been consistent. The removable racks are easy to clean and are able to be moved up and down depending what is needed for the item we are cooking. The front buttons are flat and easy to use and clean. The self cleaning option works fantastic as well. I do wish it was a bit deeper for my really large pizza pans but it seems large enough for all other needs. I like the stainless steel and black combo on the front so it matches my kitchen nicely with our stainless steel and black applicances.

Lebanon, OR


Packaging was great. Installation was moderate challenge


This single wall oven has new glass outer door panel which gives the oven a sleek design.  Controls are touch pad controls.  Twin interior lights provide more than adequate light inside. Packaging was very protective and very easy to unpack.  Instructions were handy.  There were no staples to struggle with or to get punctured on.  Installation was very easy and instructions were clear.  One draw back from the original 16 year old Kenmore that it was replacing is that they have shortened the electrical cable so that you can not place oven on floor and hook up the cable.  I had to place it on a table at the height of the installation hole to hook up the cable.  Previous model had longer cable which made electrical hook up easier. Another change was the location of the anti-tip screws which hold the oven in place. Previous model were located on the front face.  This new model changed the location to the side trim pieces which necessitated installing the screws into the edge of the cabinet material.  With 1/2" thick cabine material made of press board the screws just split the cabinet material.  A quick modification to the cabinet face by adding a 3/4" piece of pine to each side made the installation a snap. Installing the bottom trim piece was the only real challenge. Trying to line up the 3/8" long sheet metal screw into the hole which was recessed three inches into the trim piece was a challenge.  The recessed screw mounting was difficult to see and required a third hand to hold the flashlight. Operation of the oven is very simple and very similar to its predecessor.  We hope it lasts as long or longer.

Pembroke, NH


Kenmore 790 Single Wall Oven

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