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Kenmore 78572 / 78574 / 78579 (24.8 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

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Reasonable fridge for its price.


This fridge provides reasonable qualities and characteristics for the price that it can be found listed under. At a perfunctory glance one might only say that it looks like any other fridge and with that statement that person would be very correct. This fridge does not have any great unheard of features, but it does do its job well. Noise Level The noise from this fridge is very minimal and it can be hardly noticed over the din of a kitchen or even the din of dinner. In most cases it is hard to hear my own fridge. I have to strain my senses to get a level of noise. Interior Organization The interior organization is quite functional in my opinion and if you do not like it you can reorganize the shelves how ever your heart desires. Temperature Control The temperature control has been quite reliable in my opinion. I have had no trouble with it. Ease of Cleaning Most fridges are pretty hard to clean and this one is no different. Durability The durability of this fridge is pretty splendid considering the wear and tear that it has been through in my own house. Design The design looks okay, but I would love a new fridge with a water spout on the outside.



Quiet, adjustable, with easy controls


I really like this fridge a lot. It is quiet, and for the most part it is easy to use. The controls are clearly marked and easy to understand and use. The freezer makes good ice that is easy to access because of the sliding basket. Minor annoyances are that one crisper cannot be opened unless both doors are open; this is seemingly an unavoidable compromise because of the french door design that include a sealing flap. In hindsight, I'd probably also buy a unit that has the extra drawer below the main fridge doors and above the freezer. But that is not the fault of this refrigerator. For what it is, it works very nicely. And we have had zero problems with it.



Kenmore 78572 / 78574 / 78579 (24.8 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

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