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Kenmore 77082 / 77086 / 77087 Gas Dryer

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Overall it has been a great dryer!


I have had this dryer for about 7 years now, I have the matching washer too. The dryer has so many different options which is absolutely great, it works great and is very large, it is nice that you can dry a very large load inside this dryer in a decent amount of time. It also comes with a rack to put in for your shoes, which is nice when you have kids who always seem to get their shoes pretty filthy and it is nice to be able to wash and dry them without having to throw them away and go buy some new ones. The dryer is about to leave my house though along with the washer. They are both starting to fail on me. The dryer says F45 after you start it many times (fault) and the washer becomes unbalanced a lot anymore. Overall though after 7 years they are still working and have done a very wonderful. Very large size, easy to use and a whole lot of different drying options for you to choose from. I would highly recommend these and when I replace mine I'd like to find the same thing but the newer models of it!




This dryer is great and can hold and dry a lot of clothes.


I love this dryer! It has different settings for all your needs. It also has a steam setting that I love for my husbands dress shirts. It has a rack as well that you can set your shoes on after you wash them. It can hold and dry my king size comforter. Its amazing.




Kenmore 77082 / 77086 / 77087 Gas Dryer

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