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Kenmore 72056 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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Great Cooling Unit


My grandmother lives in a older house and was in need of a new air conditioner in her bedroom. So I decided to get the Kenmore 72056 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner. She only needed a smaller room sized air conditioner and I have never been so happy with a purchase. This product cools very efficiently even though it is only 5300 BTU. It has two fan speeds and a timer and energy saver. What I love most is the quietness. Even on the higher fan setting it is still quiet enough for a soothing sound in a bedroom. This product also has a remote so she could change the settings to what ever she wanted without having to get up. I would recommend this product to anyone because it is very cool, quiet, has a remote control, two speed fan and it has a timer option on it as well. Personally I believe that this is the best Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner on the market, because she had many in the past but just did not last or was too noisy.

Memphis, TN


AC in our window


We have a small apartment and were worried that this ac was going to be too much for us. It turned out to have really good settings including the energy saver setting which keeps our apartment cool without using too much electricity.

Concord, NH


Super cooling of a smaller bedroom


We recently had new windows installed and it became necessary to find a different window unit to cool our bedroom.  Due to the size constrains of these new windows, this Kenmore unit was one of a very few that fit our new window dimension's.  Having been "forced" to purchase this particular unit, I wasn't expecting much, but both my husband and I were pleasantly surprised!  The unit is very quiet and in our home it runs constantly.  The average outdoor temperatures in our town this summer have reached 90+ for several days at a stretch.  This small unit has performed like a trooper.  The air has been kept constantly moving at a breeze like pace.  The temperature in the room has been held at last twenty degrees below the outside temps.  For evenings, a 71 degree sleep temperature is perfect for both of us and this unit has been able to maintain that hands down.  The compact size is wonderful for window installations.  The view is only slightly obscured and so much better than our previous behemoth. Having been restricted to this size unit, the price was not negotiable, but we are both extremely satisfied.

Norristown, PA


It is a very nice little unit with remote for a reasonable price


ON the whole I have gotten good porducts from Kenmore. This Little a/c is easy to install, lightweight enough for a woman to handle by herself. I t is not as loud as many window units I have owned. It cools  a **small** room well. Have not owned it in the hottest part of a summer yet so I cannot say for certain that it can stand up to Oklahom heat in late summer. It is a very nice little unit with remote for a reasonable price.

Lawton, OK


Kenmore 72056 Thru-Wall/Window Air Conditioner

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