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Kenmore 7.4 cu.ft. Electric Dryer w/ Steam - Metallic Silver


Kenmore — trusted in the homes of more than 100 million Americans.

Do Laundry the Smart Way with the Kenmore 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer

The Kenmore 81383 electric dryer introduces a stylish, extra-large 7.4 cubic-foot capacity for large and bulky items. This Kenmore electric dryer uses Sensor Dry technology to protect clothes from over-drying. This dual-sensor system automatically detects the moisture content in clothes to apply the right drying temperature and time.

This Kenmore 8138 dryer features the Steam Refresh™ cycle to reduce odors and relax wrinkles for less ironing and an NSF®-certified sanitize cycle which eliminates 99.9% of certain bacteria. Set up your own customizable cycle setting with the My Cycle feature. This Kenmore dryer also has an Express Dry cycle that can dry a small load in less than 30 minutes, and a Touch-Up option which quickly freshens garments without rewashing.

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Great Washer, lots of settings and very quiet.


We bought both the Kenmore washer and dryer with pedestals. The installer was fast and very nice. The washer has lots of settings. Its easy to use and its very quiet. What i like most is I can wash comforters and the machines clean them well.


Houston, Texas


Great Dryer with some great options!


This Dryer has digital controls and allows for customization of your cycle. Choose no heat, low, medium low, medium, medium high, or high. You can set it for a specific time or use the sensing function to dry for the exact right amount of time for your specific load. I did have to re-dry a small load once, i think it had trouble sensing the moisture with only 2 items inside (brand new clothes that are supposed to be washed separately). Use dryer sheets or a dryer bar for added convenience. This unit also have a handy steam function that can be used to quickly refresh or un-wrinkle some previously cleaned clothes which comes in handy! There is an optional storage stand you can mount the dryer on to raise it up to a more comfortable height and create some super convenient storage right where you need it. Load Capacity Very large capacity, can dry my futon cover in it! Performance Works well for most loads, takes longer than traditional dryers for some cycles. Ease of Use Very easy to use but a little sophisticated and has more options to set. Durability The unit is pretty new so this remains to be seen but so far so good. Design Very attractive, puts the rest of the basement to shame.


Philadelphia, PA


Kenmore 7.4 cu.ft. Electric Dryer w/ Steam - Metallic Silver

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