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Kenmore 7.2 cu. ft. Double-Oven Electric Range - Stainless Steel


Kenmore 7.2 cu. ft. Double-Oven Electric Range - Performance Plus

Use up to four different elements on the Kenmore double-oven electric range 9761. Each one provides a different level of heating power on the ceramic glass cooktop. The self-cleaning double ovens boast a combined 7.2 cu. ft. of space to bake, roast and broil. With four elements and two ovens, you need not be a foodie to want one of these Kenmore electric ranges in your kitchen.

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Love the double ovens


I love this kitchen stove. I would much prefer a gas stove but my husband wanted a clean look and a clean look he got. It's not very hard to clean if you clean up right after you cook. Our stovetop does have a few scratches and a few burned stains that can't be removed. There is a special cleaning rub of the top surface but I rarely use for I wipe it down after I cook. The double oven is an awesome factor. It is actually the main factor why I agreed to get this. It's a self cleaning oven which I've never own before so if you use the self cleaning method...you can guarantee you would not cook for the rest of the day. The oven will stay locked until the temperature comes down...that is both ovens. There is steam that comes out of the under the knobs which is annoying. It just wets the stove top when I want to keep it clean. This does not happen just in self clean mode. It happens when I'm using the oven normally. Otherwise we have no other issues with it. And we certainly wouldn't change it to something else.

Springfield PA


Fantastic range!


When I moved into my house several years ago, I needed to replace the range in the kitchen. I decided to invest in a double oven, and I am very pleased with this investment. First, I find that each section of the range heats up quickly and evenly. I also find that I use less energy overall because I typically only heat up one section of the range at a time. I really like the flat glass top for cooking things on the top of the range. I find that all of the burners heat up quickly and cook the food evenly and without burning. The only negative feature about this range is that the bottom oven door opens all the way to the ground and there is not storage underneath the range. It makes me nervous to open the bottom section of the range when pets and small children are in the kitchen. I don't think this is a very safe design. Overall, I am impressed with this range and find that I just need to be cautious when opening the bottom part of the range when children and pets are in the kitchen.



Kenmore 7.2 cu. ft. Double-Oven Electric Range - Stainless Steel

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