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Kenmore 7.0 cu. ft. Top-Load Gas Dryer w/ SmartDry Plus Technology - White


Kenmore 7.0 cu. ft. Top-Load Gas Dryer w/ SmartDry Plus Technology - Ultimate Garment Care

Enjoy a generous capacity that is large enough to handle family-sized loads of laundry with this 7.0 cu. ft. Kenmore top-load gas dryer 7513. It includes SmartDry Plus technology, which uses a 3-point sensing system to provide gentle clothing care. The advanced temperature monitor and two moisture sensors prevent over-drying by automatically adjusting time and temperature throughout the cycle. This helps reduce shrinking and provide gentler clothing care. Plus, when you select the Wrinkle Guard® option, it will tumble your clothes intermittently for 40 minutes after the cycle is complete to prevent wrinkles from setting into your clean, dry fabrics.

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Satisfactory Drier I Would Purchase Again


I care for two children, and thus have a lot of laundry to do. My old drier died on me, so I went to my local dealer and picked up this Kenmore model. I typically do about 2 loads of laundry every day. One thing that I like about this gas drier is that it gets my clothes all the way dry in one cycle. Other similar driers leave your cloths damp. Also, being a moderately sized model, I am able to reduce to total number of loads that I have to do. This is extremely positive because I save on utility usage.


Flint, MI


A very good, basic dryer


The last dryer I had was a Kenmore, and it worked consistently - no service calls needed or problems - for almost 15 years. When it finally died, I wanted to get another Kenmore, and this basic model had everything I needed in a new dryer. I have no complaints at all about this dryer. The features that I like the best are the auto-dry, which keeps drying until all the clothes in the load the dry; but this is the feature with the biggest potential for damage to clothes, because unless you dry items of similar size, the smaller, lighter clothes will be subjected to heat for too long. I just don't always have time to sort my laundry like this. The wrinkle-free option works very well, especially for 100 percent cotton shirts. So if you need a dryer in this price range, this model should met your needs. Load Capacity This dryer will hold about 6 pairs of adult sized 42 jeans - my husband has washed that many of his in one load, then dried them together - with some extra room. Obviously it takes longer to dry with this many jeans, and I wouldn't recommend doing this, but at least he did some laundry. Ease of Use Just put your clothes in, choose the cycle, and press start. One caveat: the end of cycle timer is very loud and piercing, which is annoying. I wish the designers had used a bell or something less jarring. Durability I am hoping and assuming that this model will meet or exceed the 15 year lifespan of my previous Kenmore dryer.


Chesapeake, VA


Huge value in a compact machine


I have a huge family. I wash five loads of clothing a day. I have to have a heavy duty tough dryer to stand up to that kind of use. My husband also works in the coal mines. His clothes are filthy and heavy to dry. This dryer is amazing. I have had mine a couple of years. It still looks brand new. It has withstood the endurance test my family has put it through. It dries quickly and runs quietly. I hate a noisy dryer. The work clothes I wash are oily and gross. In the past I have had issues with the oil clogging up the dryer around the tub. This dryer does not exhibit that problem. It is strong enough to dry all that nasty grease away. I wash bedding once a week. There are 7 people that live in my house. How many dryers can withstand this through years? It does not come unbalanced easily either. I can toss a heavy blanket in and take a nap without worrying. It fits nicely in the corner beside my washer. It is not big and bulky, but holds a fair amount of clothes. I give this a big thumbs up. There is nothing like kenmore.




Great basic dryer!


As with all of my other Kenmore appliances, we have owned this Kenmore top load gas dryer with smart dry technology for about seven years now. I bought it on sale and got it at a great price, and so far it has not disappointed me. We are a family of six, so we do a lot of laundry in this house. It has come off of its track a time or two, but that is mostly due to me overloading the dryer with too many jeans or towels. My husband is handy, he can fix it himself, so it isn't too much of an issue. If I had to call in a repair man, I would give this dryer a lower score. I always use the automatic dry setting, so it automatically stops when it senses that the load is dry. I can't say too much for its other options, as I always use the automatic sensor technology on the highest setting. It seems to dry the clothes in a reasonable period of time, and never stops too early. The lint trap is also very easy to clean as it just pops right out. It doesn't look as nice as some of the front loaders, but it does it's job at the right price point. I would highly recommend this to anyone.


Chesterfield, NJ


Kenmore 7.0 cu. ft. Top-Load Gas Dryer w/ SmartDry Plus Technology - White

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