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Kenmore 65942 / 65944 / 65946 Electric Dryer

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Simple but sturdy!


This may not be the most fancy dryer in the world, but it works great! I use it to wash my clothes, my husband's clothes, my baby's clothes, and every other weekend, my 3 stepkids' clothes. I run at least one load every day. It works great, and has held up well with frequent use. Cleaning the lint filter is very simple and quick. No complaints at all.


Dunn NC


Awesome washer for a great price!


My husband and I searched a very long time for a good washer at a decent price! We were very happy to find this Kenmore washer! It is quiet, allows a large capacity of clothing (and any other type of washing that you might need to do!), and the price was definitely right for us! We have had no issues with this washer and we actually went back to replace our dryer with the matching Kenmore dryer for this set. The cycle does not take as long as our old washer. It is not as quick as I'd like, but I am willing to let that slide, because it gets my wash VERY clean. There are a fair amount of settings that you can choose from, but not too many that would be confusing. This is a washer that I would definitely recommend for a family that does laundry regularly, but does not want to spend an exorbitant amount of money.


lakeland, florida


Kenmore 65942/65944/65946 Electric Dryer


About a year and a half ago I purchased this dryer because my old one stopped working. I wanted a dryer that was similar to the one I had and one that was like the traditional dryer that I was accustomed to. I notice that a lot of the newer dryers resemble the dryers that are in laundry mats. I love this dryer because it is easy to use and not very confusing at all. My clothes get dry pretty fast and I can set the dryer to meet my needs. If I need to dry clothes on a delicate cycle, I can. If I need to dry on a cold or hot cycle I am also able to do that. I can even set the time to as many minutes that I want to. I have never had a problem with the dryer not working properly and my clothes do not shrink or look any different from the way they originally looked. The dryer comes with a warranty and the price is not too bad either for such a heavy duty quality dryer. I even dry my heavy comforters and they dry pretty fast also. This has got to be the best dryer that I have ever had.




Loved this dryer!


We purchased this dryer brand new! Of the 3 dryers I have owned, this has been BY FAR my favorite dryer! I have a tendency to make my loads pretty large, but this dryer always handled them well and dried them in an efficient amount of time! It handled the clothes gently, never felt too hot, and cleaned easily! The dryer is very durable and easy to use! While it may not be a fancy front-loader with all of the bells and whistles, it is a great quality dryer that is very easy to use! The settings are very simple yet give you many drying options to customize accordingly to what you are drying. You can't beat the price of this dryer! It is a great quality dryer for a very affordable price! Unfortunately we no longer have this dryer - it remained with the appliances when we sold our house. We now have a frigidaire dryer and I would give just about anything to have this dryer back! I am saving for a new Kenmore dryer as we have been very pleased with the Kenmore products!


Reading, PA


Large capacity Kenmore Dryer


This dryer is all that I expected for the price from Sears. The only disapointment was that it does not come with the electrical supply cord. After deciding on this dryer, getting a great sale price, we had to pay extra for the electrical cord. We were told that no electric dryer comes with power cord due to many homes having different outlet styles.


Farmington, NY


Kenmore 65942 / 65944 / 65946 Electric Dryer

4.6 5