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Kenmore 62622 / 62624 / 62629 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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Kenmore Microwave Model 665.61612100 - 9+ years & works great


I bought this used, and it had already been about 9 years since it was manufactured (May 2001).  And I've had it a few months now.  (It was made in China--not my preference since I don't want to financially support companies who use the forced labor of wrongly imprisoned Chinese followers of Christ.) It was VERY difficult to install.  It took 2 people working several hours to properly install it to the wall and cabinet above the range.  A variety of tools (screwdriver, drill, etc.) and parts (washers, bolts/screws, etc.) were needed.  But once in place, it's stayed and has worked great. There's a handy "Add One Minute" button, and I like the convenient "Kitchen Timer" feature, too.  The glass turntable and wheels come out for easy cleaning, and the turntable actually sits down lower inside the microwave so that the entire interior bottom of the microwave is relatively the same height.  (See photo to get a better idea.) A strange thing happened recently.  Something like "F9" or "F6" appeared in the display and would NOT go away.  The microwave wouldn't work, and even after unplugging and replugging, it still appeared in the display.  So, after some research on the internet, it just needed a good smack on the side (apparently, exterior OR interior is fine).  And that fixed it!

Little Rock, AR


Kenmore 62622 / 62624 / 62629 1000 Watts Microwave Oven

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