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Kenmore 600 Watts Stand Mixer

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Kenmore KSM100 600 Stand Mixer is great


This is the stand mixer that I have. The Kenmore KSM Stand Mixer. We got a really great deal on it years ago. However, my big metal bowl does not have a nice handle on it, which is the only thing I can imagine would make it even better! I really do like this mixer. It works really well. The only negative would be that it is so big and I don't have a kitchen large enough to keep this out. So really I do not use it as often as I would like. It is so easy and makes baking a breeze. It does all the work for you - and does a great job I might add! My husband really likes it too (he uses the dough mixer for pizza dough). KitchenAid is a big name and everyone wants one, including me, but recently I used my Kenmore stand mixer and realized it is probably just as good as the KitchenAid mixer. I realized how much I really liked it and how it made me enjoy baking more. I think KitchenAid is more attractive though (just the truth). I would still like one of those as well. =) Durability I have had this 7 years and it is noisy now. May need a new one soon.

Auburn, NY


Glorious Baked Goods


I love this stand mixer. It takes up some room in my small apartment with limited counter space, but it is worth having. Making cookies and homemade rolls are a cinch with this powerful mixer. The different attachments are easy to interchange and use for different baking projects. I love making homemade whipped cream with the whisk-like attachment. One difficulty I have found is that I do have to stop the mixer every so often to scrape the bottom of the bowl to make sure that the egss or flower are mixed in properly. But this mixer usually comes with a free hard plastic spatula to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl. It also is very useful for cutting up baked goods after they are finished; the spatula is less likely to scratch baking pans than say a knife. I don't every use the splash guard/spout that it came with, but perhaps i should because with out it, some mixtures do have small amounts that fly out of the bowl, like bits of whipped cream or puffs of flour.

Chapel Hill, NC


Amazing Kitchen Aid Mixer!


I love this Kitchen Aid mixer! I am an avid baker and I use it all the time. I keep it out on my counter just because I use it almost every day. If anyone, I mean anyone, bakes, they NEED THIS. It lasts forever and you can always give it down to your children. I wanted one of these once I began baking and as soon as I moved out this was the first thing I bought. It is a great deal. I have had my kitcehn aid for about 10 years now and nothing has ever been wrong with it. I do not recomend crummy things so you know that it is legit. This will make the holiday season less stressful by a long stretch! It makes baking those pesky holiday cookies an hour faster than mixin them by hand. You can also walk away from it and it will be okay! There is no more need in using both hands to mix or even one hand. This is also great for making candy. For christmas I give away cookies and candy and this makes everything so much easier.

Saint Paul, MN


Best mixer ever


This is truly worth the investment. While it is a little costly upfront you should really not have to buy another one for many years to come, like decades. My moms is over 40 years old. I bought mine 10 years ago and love it. It still looks and works as if it were brand new. There are so many attachments with this mixer that allow you to do so much. My families favorite attachment is the ce cream maker. You just place the mixer in the freezer the night before. Make up a batch of ice cream base like normal (for an at home mix) and place in bowl. Let it run for maybe 15 minutes then place the bowl back in the freezer or eat right away for soft serve. It is great! No more worring about the ice getting into the base.   I leave the mixer out on my counter all the time because I am so in love with it. Not many appliances get this priviledge in my house :)   It is very easy to clean. And very durable. I love all the colors it comes in and wish I could have a few for the mood I am in the day, lol.

Lawrenceville, GA


Kenmore 600 Watts Stand Mixer

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